Because COVID-19 and throughout the country, swimming pools and camps were closed. Children cannot lead their routine lives because school is closed. They also cannot enjoy summer holidays the old-fashioned way. They can’t even visit their grandparents because of COVID-19. to treat the longing of friends and relatives, you can only contact via voice calls on the VoIP, internet and Video Calls. Therefore, we have come up with a bunch of ideas that can help you keep your children active, entertained and happy. So let’s get started:

Books Are Happiness

Reading books is a wonderful exercise that helps children develop new thoughts and fantasies. Reading is one of the brain boosting exercises that your child looks extra intelligent and smart from his or her peer group. It is often said only a good reader can be a good writer. The child gets exposure to understanding of languages and aesthetics of writing at a very young age.

Try reading a book with your children. Give a book to your children and discuss its morals and themes together. This way you will be able to communicate with your kids more. It is one of the best bonding exercises young parents do with their tiny tots.

Crafting Memories

We all love colors, paints, and drawing books. As kids we used to paint our thoughts so why not try it with our kids. You can give them paint colors, sketches or glitter pens to do something fun. You can even make something useful like a pen stand from left out materials. You can teach them how to paint and color. Making a photo frame from the leftover ice-cream sticks is also one of the most innovative ideas that your kids are going to enjoy. Dynasty Orchid, one of the best Preschools in this time of COVID-19 has come up with interesting and innovative techniques to keep tiny tots active. You can visit their Facebook page for detailed information. Try doing all the above exercises with your kids.

Games Are Fun

Since we are so caught in our work life that we hardly get time in abundance. We have to be really grateful for being safe with our kids. On that positive note, you can try playing Ludo, chess, monopoly, business with your kids. You can even try playing badminton with them.

Watching Educational Movies:

Watch educational movies and online programmers with them. We have an array of options when it comes to online watching. You can try Netflix, amazon prize or even YouTube. Some of these shows are- Ask the storybooks, Brainchild, The magic school bus etc.

Make Them Responsible by Assigning Them Duties

Involve your children in daily chores. They will not only learn how to help you but also will become more responsible. Assign them small tasks like filling up bottles, getting their dishes into sinks, cleaning their room after playing, etc. This way they will also learn to respect their things, foods and clothes.


If you prefer doing exercise, workouts or yoga regularly then make your kids your workout partners. Teach them how workout can be really good for their body.  How meditation can be really awesome to connect their body, mind and soul. How effective exercise helps in winning the mind over the body.

Sing or Dance

Singing or dancing is really a fun activity. You can listen to their favorite songs and they can listen to yours. This way you will be able to get the taste of your kid. Similarly dancing can be a lot of fun. Try dancing on them on their favorite tunes. Also, dancing is a good way to exercise and open up all the muscles. Dynasty Orchid is one of the best playschools. To know more about them visit their website.

Cooking or Baking:

Trying cooking or baking with your kids.  Since we all love eating. Cooking and eating is an amazing fun activity to bond with your kids. You can even tell them the health benefits of vital fruits and vegetables. This way they will know the importance of a balanced sheet.  Teach them the nutritional value of food. Tell them how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy snacks.


Planting or gardening is one of the most positive things you can do with your kids. You can teach them how to dig, plant and water it. Why watering the plant is so important? What are the essential things that one should do for the perfect growth of a plant? Also, teach them the importance of planting a tree.

Apart from these fun exercises you can always play fun games with your kids. Turn onto the digital mode of education. You can also buy some interesting and informative online channels that your kids will love watching too. Try to tell them about our tradition, customs, and rituals. It’s easy to mold kids when they are young. Also, who knows when you will get this much time in abundance. So, make sure you utilize every second of it.