A dog, one of human’s best friend, is happiest when healthy. The mental and physical functioning of your fur baby largely depends on its well-being. It is your responsibility to keep the dog stimulated by providing it with a healthy lifestyle. But, how can you do that? Below are five essential factors to help you preserve your dog’s health and happiness.

1) Provide a Healthy Diet

The way you feed your dog determines how good or bad its health is. Give your pup a well-balanced diet that includes fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. This is a great diet for a good looking, healthy and happy dog. Additionally, when purchasing and feeding your puppy, consider the age.

2) Exercise Your Dog

Stimulate your pooch both mentally and physically by scheduling a daily work out. Exercise can be as simple as taking a daily walk or playing fetch in the yard. Ensure that you do not overdo the practice as it may exhaust them.

Regulated exercise boosts healthy bones, tones muscle and reduces depression. It also encourages healthy digestion and slims down chances of obesity. During unpleasant weather, you can perform indoor exercises such as playing hide and seek. You can also run your Fido up and down the stairs.

3) Get Regular Health Check-up

Once you get a puppy, take it to a vet to establish its status. As it grows, make a regular visit to the veterinary and keep a record. If you can afford it, get an insurance cover for. Take one that caters for all expected and unexpected expenses. Check your fur child’s condition oftentimes to avoid any consequence to its well-being.

4) Groom Your Dog

Keep your fur baby neat and clean. You can either groom it yourself or hire a professional dog groomer. Cleaning essentially puts to light elements that can harm your four-legged friend. This practice keeps your pooch tidy and free from perilous organisms.

5) Check Your Dog’s Safety

Like your own, your pet’s safety is equally important. Therefore, take the necessary measures to ensure your canine friend’s safety. Keep it safe from external predators, children’s reach and getting injured.

Final Thought

Owning a dog comes with a big responsibility. With patience and care, you can make your puppy healthy and happy. Thereby, spending less on vet services.


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