None of us like the excessive heat. And our furry friends are no exception. While we can escape the heat by cranking up our air conditioning or pouring ourselves a glass of our cool favourite drinks, dogs tend to have fewer choices. They have to manage in the surroundings where they find themselves. If you want to make summer fun and safe for your pup, here is what you can do to keep them cool:

1. Don’t Leave Your Pooch in a Parked Car
Though it may seem obvious that pets should not be left unattended in a parked car, many pet parents tend to make this mistake. Remember that the temperature in a parked car can rise up to 20 or 30 degrees in just 10 minutes. This can kill your pet from a heat stroke. Sometimes, you may think that you’ll be back in just a few minutes, but it can also cost a lot to your pet. Don’t take the risk.

2. Choose Cooler Times for Exercise
If you’d like to go outdoors for some exercise, try opting for a cooler time, like early mornings or late evenings. Though it may seem like a little extra work to wake up before sunrise or stay up late, it will protect your dog from the heat and possibly save his life too. If your dog needs a lot of exercise and you’re unable to take him out due to hectic schedules, you can consider enrolling him in a daycare Edmonton for his daily mental and physical stimulation and protection from the sun!

3. Ensure Your Dog has Access to Fresh Water
Just like us, dogs need more water when it’s hot outside. Whether your dog is inside the house, in your yard, out for a hike or playing in the park, make sure that he has access to cool drinking water. You can add some ice cubes in the dog’s water bowl to cool it quickly and also give something for your dog to munch on. When you’re going out, don’t forget to carry a water bottle and a collapsible bowl. You can also try wrapping wet towels around your dog’s neck to cool him in the hot weather.

4. Give Him Access to Shady Areas
If you’re keeping your dog outside the house when you’re away, make sure he has access to shady areas. You can bring a dog house that has good ventilation and a shade screen or let your dog rest in the shade of a tree. If you’re away at work all day and your yard doesn’t have too much shade, it might be wise to consider a daycare Edmonton during the harsh summer months.

5. Know the Signs of a Heat Stroke
While you will do all you can to prevent a heat stroke, it will pay to know the signs of it so that you can take your pooch to a vet immediately in case of any issues. Lots of panting, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea, staggering, red gums and tongue can all be signs of a severe heat stroke. Try to cool your dog’s stomach and the bottom of his feet till you reach the vet. Heat stroke can be extremely dangerous and can cause dogs to collapse and die quickly. Keep a close eye on his mental and physical behaviour that might signal some trouble.

Heat can be rough on our furry little friends. Follow these simple tips to keep your pup safe and healthy this summer.

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