How to motivate your Employees

If you are feeling that your employees aren’t offering the high productivity or their efficiency is decreasing gradually, then instead of scolding your employees – think for a second and make sure what you can do to improve the motivation level of your employees. 

Yep, with a light push and nudge from the manager – one can improve the motivation level of employees and encourage them to perform better. So, when you feel like your employees are feeling demotivated due to any reason, then being a manager – it is your responsibility to motivate them. But, how?

Well, if you are new at your job and don’t know how to motivate your employees for better performance, then you can practice the following things –

Offer Supportive Leadership 

Leadership is one of the important parts of motivating employees. Supportive leaders work closely with the employees and keep on assisting and encouraging them at every phase. If the manager has empathetic qualities and keeps his doors open for the employees, then they feel more focused. Moreover, this will also encourage them to develop new talent as well. 

A good leader is like a role model who understands his team and their needs. A leader should be accountable for all the actions taken by the employees. If an employee fails, then this is a failure of a leader. Thus, the leader should constantly work on nourishing the talent of his team. 

Empower the Individual 

A leader should treat every employee equally and make them feel that they are individually valued by you. No, an employee likes to live in the background. Thus, you need to ensure that your entire team gets an equal opportunity to express themselves. It is the responsibility of managers to encourage employees to showcase their individual traits and aspirations. When employees know that their opinion matters and their voice is heard equally, then they will feel more connected towards the company and try their level best to grow the company. 

Create a Positive Environment 

Most of your employees spend their majority of time at the office. Thus, you need to work on creating a positive and energetic environment in the workplace. To create a happy and productive environment, you have to encourage your employees to share their ideas and thoughts. That means you have to more listen to your employees rather than talking. When you need to pinpoint a mistake of your employees, then don’t humiliate them in the public. Just talk to them privately and try to understand their situation. Like a Growth Hacking Agency, they ensure their employees that they can share their thoughts freely and this will eventually create a positive work environment.

Support Teamwork 

You need to encourage your employees to help one another as a team. It is very important to burn the spirit of teamwork and belonging among the employees. Through teamwork, employees got to learn to trust each other more. Moreover, they start to think beyond themselves. Therefore, try to support healthy competition in the team as well as make sure that employees show empathy towards one another. For instance, if one employee has a family emergency, then the other employee should pick his slack to help him out. 

Reward your Employees 

Recognizing and rewarding is the best way to appreciate the hard work of your employees and keep them motivated. When your employees work hard on your expectations, you can start by developing a rewards program for your employees. This is a big motivator that will encourage them to do more good work. You should announce reward publicly so that employees should know how their hard work will be appreciated. Moreover, the reward and recognition ceremony should be conducted occasionally. You can give festival gifts or other corporate gifts to your employees on special occasions to keep them motivated always. Which will help your growth hacking agency to grow further.

It is very important to have fully motivated employees with you to step on the ladder of success. So, whenever you feel your employees low, then you need to immediately work towards motivating them. Motivating is a continuous process so never stop helping, hearing and rewarding your employees.