Transform your office into an holistic workspace.

Working from home has its advantages and its disadvantages. On the one hand, there’s no commute, you can save some money by writing off office expenses, and you don’t have to deal with distractions from coworkers. On the other, it requires a lot of self-discipline and can be lonely. And your office can often get out of hand. Without the social pressure of keeping things tidy so your co-workers won’t think you’re a nut job, it can be easy to get disorganized and cluttered, which can make working from home stressful instead of simple. Here are some simple tips for keeping your home office tidy so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Create A Mail Station

Without a dedicated mailroom like most offices have, mail can get out of hand, which is particularly unacceptable if you’re sending or receiving correspondence that’s important for your business. Making a mail station is an easy solution. Have clearly labeled folders for incoming mail, outgoing mail, and bills. If you get a lot of personal correspondence, it might be best to create a separate folder for that as well. Sorting your mail will be much easier and you’ll be less likely to miss something of vital importance.

Place Your Printer Carefully

A printer takes up a lot of desk space that can be better used for other tasks. If you have a wireless printer, place it on the floor or a nearby table, and if it requires a wire to connect to your computer, invest in a longer cable so you don’t have to work around your printer. And keep all of your printer supplies in the same area of your office. This way, you won’t have to hunt for a toner cartridge when an important deadline’s approaching.

Keep Wiring Out of The Way

The various wires and cables that your computer and accessories need to function can get unplugged easily or become tripping hazards if you plug them in haphazardly. Try using as many wireless accessories as you can reasonably afford (meaning keyboard, mouse, and printer) and for the wiring that’s absolutely necessary, make an effort to run it along walls and secure it using tape so it’s out of the way and less likely to get unplugged by a stray elbow or foot.

Color Code Your Files

If your business deals with a lot of paper, you’ll want to use color coding to keep it all organized. A hanging folder system is a great way of doing this. Try labeling each type of document with a different color-coded tag (like blue for invoices) and you’ll be able to properly place it in the correct folder with minimal thinking on your part.

Use Your Wall Space

Keeping everything on your desk is a recipe for clutter, stress, and headaches. Instead, take advantage of the vertical space your walls offer. A bulletin board is a great place to post important reminders or in-progress projects, while a whiteboard is a great addition for people who like to plan things out visually. This will keep your desk clear and also make your office look more lived-in and less bare.

Invest in A Label Maker

Label makers are cheaper than you might think, and they can be very valuable for organization purposes. If you find yourself constantly opening the wrong drawer or reaching for the wrong folder, labeling it with a reminder can save you a lot of time and frustration. Slap a label on everything and you’ll never be confused about what cabinet you’re reaching in to again.

Working from home can be awesome, or aggravating. Take the time to organize your space and you’ll be more relaxed and productive in your home office and it’ll immensely aid in creating the ultimate holistic lifestyle.