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Are you motivated to pursue your extraordinary dreams with the determination to make things happen? 

Do you have the inner drive that pushes you when the going gets hard? 

I’m guessing…

You are hit by frustration. You are running out of time. With many pending bills to be cleared. You don’t have a way. 

Many times you probably think of giving up. But still, you have to keep figuring things out. Often, this is Self Motivation

Self-motivation is the pushing force to get us moving. It’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, and develop. That’s the moment when you’ve lost everything but candidly looking forward to tomorrow being better. 

Self-motivation and a growth mindset go hand in hand. 

Remember Mindset is Everything

A Growth Mindset is a positive mental attitude or inclination towards a set goal.

We can get encouragement and assistance from other people, but the bulk of the duty in achieving a purposeful life lies within us.

No one will write our script or play our part or run our race. To overcome the hurdles of life self-motivation plays a significant role. 

Image by Jenny Friedrichs/ Pixabay 

In this post, I will walk you through how you can link your mindset and self-motivation

Make it a challenge

Learn to set goals that are both specific and challenging, and most of you will be likely to achieve what you’ve set your mind to.

Once we set our goal inside our mind, nothing on the outside can oppose it without our conscious permission.

Through dedication, determination, and hard work we can gradually achieve our goals.

To dare is to do!

Own it

Staying motivated and passionate about your dreams is brought about by being in control and ownership of it.

How can you implement this in your daily routine to eventually succeed? Once you own your dreams, your every effort will be geared towards it.

Psychology argues that most people are scared of failure; you are not exceptional.

But the more closely you attach to the dream, the less time it will take to realize it.

Take little steps and celebrate small wins​

 Success is a series of small wins, and like small bricks build a house; small achievements are the basis of long term goals.  

Staying positive is fundamental in the whole journey. Great achievers are always positive as they celebrate small wins through challenges. 

Nothing happens overnight. All days will not go as planned or like you hoped. There will be days when quitting will knock at your door, but self-motivation will hold you.

Celebrating small wins makes your journey more exciting and keeps you motivated.

 “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

– Amy Rees Anderson.

Keep learning

Like it is said, there is no age limit to learn anything new. To thrive, keep learning and improving.

But do not be too rigid in the pursuit of your dreams as it will leave you drained, and you would probably give up on the way.

Absorb the lessons of life; those are the ingredients that form greater motivation towards chasing our dreams.

The goal is to succeed having gone through the entire process.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle 

“A healthy mind opens the door to a healthy body.”

We often get so busy chasing our dreams that we forget to take care of ourselves.  

Adopt a workout schedule every morning. It will help you feel re-energized every new day. Practice meditation. Invest time in things you enjoy to cultivate a healthy mind. 

Treat your whole body as a temple…​ I often say

Wrap up

In conclusion, we draw courage and learn from past failures. If positively conceived, they can gear up for a long term success. 

Along the way, don’t forget the importance of self-check and reflection. For instance, setting aside a quiet time to check on your difficulties, successes, and efforts. 

In this constantly challenging world, we need a self-motivational mindset to stay afloat. 

A negative mind will never yield a positive outcome.

You don’t need to own everything the room gives, rather be the influence in the room. 

You can turn the pain into power.