Bored girl yawning while reading book

That’s how life works! One thing sucks your energy and gives you nothing but boredom in return, while the same thing makes others happy. No one in life enjoys every task. And the effect is seen in our personal and professional domains.

What’s a Boring Task?

So a boring task is one that doesn’t suit your vibe. You don’t enjoy doing that task at any cost. But then there comes a situation when you are allured by a lucrative deal. You know that a task is tedious, but you still make a commitment because you will be paid later. Sounds absurd, right?

It’s a bitter reality that the world is exploiting humans in the harshest way possible. From parents to employers, anyone who has authority tries to cut down the wings of competency of a human being from the developing stage. Be it a kid who is misguided by the mundane rewards or an internee who is about to throw his abilities away and jump into the pit of doing a job. Both of them will have a shrunk scope of the world because that’s how they were trained.

While such a massacre of character development happens, people come and ask why do they feel bored doing any task? Well, it’s true that if you are not doing a duty that you enjoy, you will find every task in this world boring. And if you want to defend yourself by boasting about the money you make, then here’s a warning for you:

You will soon be a puppet of money. If there’s no money, there won’t be any life for you!

So if you are a student or a money-maker, there are several tips for you to kill the boredom in your routine tasks. But first, I’d suggest you switch your genre of work if you find it boring. If you have made it your necessity, then follow these tips and keep looking for an opportunity that will make you enjoy life.

Know the Why

You have to complete a task, and you have no idea why to do it. But you still do it because it’s about money. And when the work is done, you come and say that life is boring AF! Here, you are the suspect, and you are the victim, my dear!

To kill boredom, first, you have to know why behind any task. Find it yourself at first. If you fail to do so, ask the one who gave you that task. Don’t practice it in the Divine Rule. God’s commands are not questioned because it’s the matter of the Master (God) and the slave (us).

Learn the Work

Don’t be a robot who works 8 – 5 and accepts every request. You look pathetic tbh! First, understand the task well. There’s no hurry. Take it easy and learn what’s there to do. If it seems new, learn it. If there’s no learning, enjoy it (step 3).

The opportunities to learn new concepts are not common everywhere. It’s a blessing if you are getting a chance to learn. That will increase your knowledge base, and you will have experience of doing something new. Your brain that’s rotting inside a cell will think out of the box. You will feel exhausted while learning because you haven’t done anything new for months. Learn the work and kill the boredom.

Enjoy the Work

If there is nothing in the task, enjoy it. You have no other option because you can’t go for any other option. You have become a puppet of your employer, and you have forgotten your existence. Your spirit becomes deaf & dumb when a boring task is put in front of you.

In this case, find a way to finish the task enjoyably. You probably are an expert on such tasks since there is nothing new for you. Therefore turn on the speakers and listen to your favourite playlist while doing a boring task. You’d enjoy it.

You can also look for shortcuts, and it’s pretty amusing to do a boring task in that way. Every work has a shortcut, and if you have experience, you must know the secret tricks.

The time will pass quickly, and you’d be done. But again, if something is boring for you, observe the situation and ask yourself, “do you really deserve to do that?”. You will definitely have the inner voice answering you. Follow that voice and eliminate the boredom from your life.