People promote or do business with people know, like, and trust.
During contract evaluations and performance reviews! Can you do the job is a mere detail.

Know– They do not want to know your life story and history. But the decision makers feel they need to” know “how you will respond. Take note this is not a suggestion to divulge information like your husband travels for work or you have a nanny.

Like– People want to know that you will not “throw them under the bus”. The guys at the office want to feel okay to crack jokes without getting called into the human resources persons office the next day.

TRUST– The reality is a lot of managers are afraid that diverse colleagues, especially women can not handle the pressure or will question the managers decisions. Women have the reputation of “crying” when faced with adversity or feedback. Dissenting can only be tolerated from the most trusted colleagues.

A meal or simple chit chat before a meeting opens the door for comfortability. Think about the people you feel like you can “trust”, you tell them a little more than the person you only “know”. In most every company conference room, or now phone calls, managers speak up for the person they know, like, and trust has the potential do the job. Here is how I have witnessed the conversations go:

“I know Renee.”

“I’d consider Renee as an option.”

“Renee is the right person for the role!”

“When people are comfortable with you more progress is made.

Ebony Wiley is a career coach and podcast host, of Pretty Little Leader, based in Houston, TX. A former executive at a Fortune 50 Company, she teaches clients how to take charge of their life and career by authoring the narrative of their performance, image, and exposure and unlocking the confidence to get what the really want out of their life and career. You can sign up for Ebony’s free newsletter at her website,