You have to remove excess gossip in all aspects of your life, parallel to the corners of your house:

Your negative thoughts. Start by ordering your mind and removing that useless part such as envy, resentment, jealousy, hatred.

Your goals.

 These must be approached one by one; you cannot have several goals in your head at the same time. That way you won’t be able to finish any.

Your possessions.

The more material things we have, the less time and energy to devote to the things that really matter.

Your “required” activities.

Throughout the week, under normal living conditions, of course, we create some compulsory activities that often do not give us good feelings. Be free to choose the fridge repair that help you and eliminate the ones that don’t.

Your debts.

As a consequence of wanting to have many things, there are times that we get into debt for it and you create an economic burden that causes a lot of stress.

Your artificial ingredients.

We have to follow a diet made with fresh products without ultra-processing since the latter contains a number of ingredients that are neither useful nor beneficial for your body. Unfortunately, already in the cultivation of these foods, there are more negative elements of the account so that we abuse a few others.

Your time to connect.

Related to screens is the submission to be connected with many people continuously. Either through WhatsApp or social networks. Which is not bad if you do it with the measure? You can set schedules or an alarm to connect at that moment or any way that helps you.

You’re multitasking.

But, this is the one that has taken me the longest to eliminate. As a mother of 4 children, it is impossible not to feel like an “octopus-mother” during your upbringing, who would like to have 8 arms and be able to do everything at once. But maturity teaches you and forces you to focus your attention on what you want to do at that moment. It takes much less time and you get to do it better.

Steps to get it

That’s the idea. Don’t think about all the work that lies ahead of you. Think about what you are achieving now.

Put on your favorite music and enjoy improving that aspect that has so much noise.

You have to point out or have all its benefits in a visible place:

  • There is less to clean
  • Less to organize and sort
  • Less stress
  • Less debt More financial freedom
  • More energy to devote to your passions

And you have to start taking small steps so as not to create an obligation that overwhelms you.

If you can with 5 min a day then perfect. Surely when you see the results you will be encouraged and without realizing it you spend more time.

How many times a year is that going to happen?

It is much more productive to ask your sister or friend to lend it to you or, if you really need it, to buy it later, than to have it “thrown away” in the closet collecting space and dust.

So forget about the faults and stick with what you really wear.

Another key to make it easy for you to simplify, in the case of decoration, is to look at your house from the front door as if you were a visitor.

If you were a visitor who comes to your house for the first time, what feeling would you get? What impression do you want the next visit to take?

Also can take pictures of the before a corner, that does not convince you as you and order and take pictures of the later. That will encourage you to do it in each area of ​​your house with the joy of seeing it differently later.

There are many ways to simplify your home:

The one with the 4 boxes:

  • the donate box
  • the one to throw
  • the one to save
  • the one to relocate

If this is the one that best suits you then go ahead. The important thing is that you do it as I have told you, enjoying it and that it is not a slab.

These areas are the most used at home and therefore where everyone handles daily:

The furniture at the entrance where we leave letters to be filed, physical cards that is of interest, wedding invitations, and prescriptions for medicines to buy…

The drawer of the television cabinet where there are usually other bills, various school notes, some instruction manual, I thought, various pens…

A small chest of drawers that I have in the kitchen that originally was for medicines and has become a collection of caps to donate, basic shopping lists, vegetable gums that can be used…