Work from home culture has gone global. This has shifted how businesses and organizations function as workplaces have become virtual but more impersonal. With this major shift in dynamics, it has become difficult to manage and lead a team virtually.

In this article, we are going to explore techniques to help one lead a virtual team by using videos.

In this article, we will sum up the following: 

  • What is workplace culture?
  • Video ideas to uplift a virtual team
  • Virtual team video trends for 2021

What is workplace culture?

The workplace culture is the way an organization functions based on its beliefs, ideologies, work environment, the attitude of the employees, and principles of the organization. 

The workplace culture depends on how employees interact with each other and the overall ambiance of the workplace. Positive workplace culture brings growth to the organization by uplifting talent. A good workplace culture shall boost the performance and satisfaction level of the employees. 

Video ideas to uplift a virtual team 

Leadership forms an integral part of building a motivated workspace culture. It is very important to lead a team with clear communication. Leading a team with efficiency helps in times of critical decision-making and rewards with better results and performance. A leader must bond with his team to work with them on a personal level. However, leading a team while working from home has several challenges in itself. Here are few video ideas that will help you uplift a virtual team-

Tutorial videos: Since none of us were prepared or trained for these unprecedented events leading to the work from home culture, transitioning from the regular day-to-day work lifestyle to using various software is difficult. Tutorial videos can help create coordination between the top management and the employees of the organization by eliminating doubts and explaining a step-by-step process into using company-assigned software. This makes the team feel safer instead of jumping right into unknown territories and ways of work that belittles their experience. 

Behind-the-scenes videos:

Behind the scene, videos can bring out transparency amongst the employees by highlighting different scenarios, challenges, and the comfort at which they work from home. These videos are highly relatable and help in forming a bond within the organization.

Employee birthday videos: Surprise birthday celebration videos for the employees makes them feel valued by the organization. Not only does it highlight them in front of everyone but birthday celebration videos also make them feel happy. Birthday celebration videos spread love, happiness, and smiles across the organization. You can easily create an employee birthday video using a quality video editor.

Monthly CEO addressing videos: The CEO of any organization appeared to be unreachable, but when you need to lead a virtual team the CEO of the company must make their presence felt. These monthly videos can act as a huge motivator for the employees and reduce the gap between a leader and their team.

Welcome videos: A new employee takes time to break the ice with their colleagues and other associates. A welcome video made for new employees of the organization highlights inclusivity and appears as a warm gesture to the employee. This warmth makes the newly joined employee a part of the team. These videos boost teamwork and individual’s self-esteem in the organization. 

Virtual team video trends for 2021

Live video with games:

Live videos make the team feel connected in real-time with other members of the organization. The HR could organize few fun games that would uplift the team spirits and break the monotony of the daily work schedule.

Coffee break videos: Unannounced coffee break videos could feature anything in and around the team. These videos could be enjoyed together over a meeting and a cup of coffee. Watching creative videos together initiates conversations amongst the team. These discussions make way for leaders to guide the team as a single unit. 

Meeting Highlight videos:

Virtual meetings often stretch beyond the allotted time. Important minutes of the meeting can be created using a video editor. These videos will save the team a lot of time as they shall summarize the entire virtual meeting. It’s important to edit at the right highlight points and yet maintain the core objective of the meeting.

Wrapping up

Virtual teams must be constantly motivated and 2021 seems like a promising year to experiment with creative team building videos. A leader can follow these steps to take control of the ship virtually. Using a quality video editor to create innovative corporate videos helps you be a step ahead of your competitors.