In these tough times, strong leadership has never been more Valuable. The current COVID-19 has given a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to prove their skills. 

Staying calm and focused is key to success; a person who works with a secure connection with his team and takes calculative risks can do wonders for business in Pandemic.

Yes, it is challenging to work in Pandemic, but you can better if you are courageous and willing to work smart with people around.

According to Kurdish Entrepreneur Maziar Rajabi, you have to adapt to new disruptions technology in business. He shares his view of how to work in this Pandemic time as an Entrepreneur.

Be flexible:

Maziar suggests when you work with large companies, you should be more flexible and adopt new technologies. Also, try to explain new technologies with changing time. This Pandemic has helped us know how businesses will work in future. 

Do something new as a leader:

Yes, it is a tough time, but leaders, but leaders are who find their way in a tough time and create a way for others too. You have to keep Icebergs on your head, finding a way for themselves and others is Entrepreneurs duty. 

Share your ideas with the team:

You have share ideas with the team, remember Individual entrepreneur cannot do all things, an entrepreneur with a group can win big. Discussing and exchanging ideas with team members can help you find some innovative options. 

It is proved thing when you collaborate with other creative minds your results start to change.

Take little breaks to learn something new:

Try to take out some time for yourself; fresh mind can help you do better in big projects. 

Try to see new technologies which are coming in the market and see whether it can work in your business or not.

Studies show that too much work without any update cannot help you grow. You have to take a break and see what’s new others are doing in the market. 

It will help you in two ways, first a recharge time and second, you can bring new technology to your business which is the most crucial part in today’s time. Follow Maziar Rajabi @Maziar.Rajabi.