Java is the most popular choice by many companies and developers. The moment you master Java, you enter a new world, full of career opportunities.

As Java is the most commonly used programming language and it’s considered to be quite easy to learn, the internet is full of multiple online courses that promise to teach Java. This can be troublesome for newbies who might get lost at the point while looking for the right course.

There is no need to worry yourself with such questions. This article will explain to you the easiest and most simple method to learn Java and also briefly discuss the best courses that can teach you Java online. So let’s talk about the steps you should take to master your Java programming skills.

1.  Find Out the Best Resources

Every other day I come across new online programming courses. Unfortunately, the quality of the many courses’ content is not the best one. I picked up a few resources which I usually recommend to my students. Here’s a list:


CodeGym is perhaps one of the best options to learn Java online. It fits both skilled coders who further want to enhance their programming skills as well as beginners who are looking to learn Java as their first programming language.

There are many great features that make CodeGym the best option to learn Java online. The course claims that 80 percent of your time you will devote to different practical tasks and only 20 — for covering the theoretical aspects.

All the tasks you complete will be automatically verified. The system is quite simple: you solve the task successfully — you get points. There are 40 levels in total, once you complete one level, you unlock the more advanced one. This way, you will never get bored and learn Java in a fun way.

With $30 per month, CodeGym is an opportunity no one should miss.


Codewars is a great resource to learn Java online. It teaches the concepts of Java via games and challenges, which are referred to as kata. Every time the student completes one kata, they will be given more advanced kata to solve. Eventually, once the student is done with all the kata in the training course, they will have a complete knowledge of Java.

Codewars will also provide you with a strong community of like-minded people. Once you join it you can have a fruitful discussion and also share solutions of different kata and collaborate with other code warriors.


Cyber-Dojo is another great option to learn Java online. It teaches the concept of Java programming to their students via deliberate practice. It will provide you with the necessary environment needed to learn Java.

Apart from getting practice in Java programming, you can join forums and discuss Java history, its basic technology, and design.

Youtube Channels to Learn Java

Youtube is a great source when it comes to online learning – the same is also applicable to mastering Java. You can find many Youtube videos that will teach you the fundamentals of Java as well as its advanced topics.

Some of the popular Youtube channels that create a descent Java-related content are:

  • Derek Banas — having over 1 million followers, Derek Banas teaches data science and uploads videos about Java programming daily. You can also ask for more videos from him in the comments or on his Twitter page.
  • Programming with Mosh — another excellent source to learn the basics of Java and polish your programming skills.
  • Java — yet another great source to learn Java online by watching video tutorials. The videos are interactive, interesting, and knowledgeable.
  • Devoxx — working since 2015, Devoxx provides some interesting and in-depth videos about Java. I really admire most of their speakers.

2.  Become a Member of the Java Community

There are many public Java-related communities. They form a community that offers a common ground for same-minded people to exchange their programming experience with each other.

By becoming a part of the discussions, you can learn a lot of programming in general, programming techniques/tools used by your colleagues, and tips and tricks on how to handle different bugs for example. The greatest communities are:

  • GitHub
  • StackOverflow
  • HackerNews
  • SitePoint
  • Slack
  • Reddit

3.  Create Your Own Project

Creating a real-life project from scratch is the best way to get some practice. First of all, students always find the process of creating some real-life projects exciting. So it will keep you motivated. Secondly, it’s the best way to gain some practical experience.

There are so many things that you can build on your own. For instance, you can create a game and share it with your friends so you can play together. You can also build such things as a calculator, currency converter, or word counter. Opportunities are endless, just enhance them. 

4.  Learn by Improving Someone Else’s Code

A great way to enhance your Java knowledge is through improving an existing code. Just take a random code from any of your colleagues. Read it, play with it and try to make it better. Then once you are satisfied with the results, share them with the community.

5.  Use ‘Pencil-Code’ Method

This method may be old-fashioned, but it is still an excellent way to learn programming. Writing code by hand will definitely improve your Java knowledge. You might get this exercise during your future technical interviews so it’s better to be prepared.


To put everything into perspective, learning Java online can be easy and fun. You just need to follow the steps above and choose the correct resources. And then, within no time, you will become a Java expert!