The biggest problem that I have seen people have when it comes to manifesting is letting go. This is the number one problem that I see almost every day. So in today’s blog, I will be sharing with you How to let go and allow your manifestations.

Why You Need To Let Go And Allow Your Manifestations

So before I tell you how to let go you need to know why letting go is so important.

When you are constantly thinking, worrying, and obsessing about what you are trying to manifest you are putting out into the universe that you don’t have it. This builds resistance because it comes from a place of doubt. If you truly believe the universe will deliver then you won’t have doubt.

You have to surrender!

Stop trying to control when and how your manifestations will come to you. Instead, be open and ready to receive your manifestation.

You have to trust the universe!

Once you truly trust the universe you won’t worry about how and when. You will simply just allow it to happen when it does.

Now, let me make this clear. Letting go does not mean to stop working towards your goals and dreams. Take actions that feel right and good to you. Nothing should feel forced.

How To Let Go And Allow Your Manifestations

Now that you understand the importance of letting go of your desires, let’s dive into the how. The main point in letting go is to focus on the NOW!

Here are 3 ways to let go of your desires to allow your manifestations :

  1. Snap Back Into Now– These are questions and/ or statements that you can use to snap yourself back into the present moment. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about your manifestation you can ask yourself a question or make a statement that will bring your focus back to what you are doing now.
  • Example: It is what it is. What am I doing now?
  • Let it be. What am I doing now?

2. Gratitude– Show appreciation for what you have in life now and say thank you. This helps to bring your focus back to the things that are here now.

  • Example: I am so grateful for my job. I am able to provide for my family
  • I am so grateful for my car. I don’t need to rely on anyone to get around

3. Magnify Your Senses- Choose one of your five senses to focus on deeply each day. This will bring your awareness and focus on the things you are experiencing in life right now.

  • Example: Go outside for a walk or simply just sit down and observe nature. Notice the different colors, plants, and animals that you see.
  • When you are eating take your time. Notice the different flavors coming together in your mouth. Notice the different textures of the food you are eating.

So, now that you know why you need to let go and how to let go out there and make it happen. Be the person that looks for information and actually puts it to use.

Happy Manifesting!