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Letting go means realizing you weren’t in charge anyway

Feel too much on your shoulders? Want badly something but have no control? Today, let go of your worries. Understand that we cannot, and do not need to be in charge of the world.

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace

Last year, when I was in difficult moments, my sister reminded me of this. Now, when I feel bitter about someone or something, I think about myself most of all. Today, let go of your sufferings and forgive others. Practice forgiveness brings you peace of mind.

Your child belongs to herself

Once in a while, when I find myself over-worried about my child, I think about this teaching from Judith Hanson. We always want the best for our child, based on our point of view. But her life is hers. This awareness helps us, as parents, let her and ourselves be empowered. If we can remember that our lives belong to us, and our child’s to her, we do our most important role as parents. Don’t you believe so?

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be

We focus sometimes on ourselves, including our short-comings and our imperfection. Paying all our attention to helping others than to our own person can make us more valuable to the world. We can attain our highest potential, and become what we can possibly be.

Other people are not the problem

We tend to think that other people are the cause of our unhappiness. But we are the only person who can allow our own happiness. Today, practice to observe and appreciate the values of the diversity of opinions and beingness. Live with that awareness, that other people are not the problem.

These are the five teachings that helped me the most to let go in difficult times. Learn how to let go can help us move forward, find a distance from a time, a thing or a person. It brings us peace and energy within ourselves. So, ready for a try?