What I really want to say is ‘kill your business baby’.

There I said it.

Cuz for those who have built their first business to success

and then cut it loose…

It feels like death.

And the grieving will follow.

I can guarantee it.

I completed this entrepreneurial season

so very, very wrong.

BTW, by success I mean profitable.

Here’s what I’d do so very, very differently.

Cuz hindsight is truly 20/20…

and I want you to be the beneficiary.

Do not be attached to the outcome.

You’ve started your own business —

You’ve hustled…

Put in blood, sweat and tears

to the level only a few people really understand —

and I am one of them.

You bet it all on yourself…

very few believed…

but they cheered you on when success arrived —

years later —

and now you want to trade it all in {again}.


Now all those cheerleaders

are back telling you how you’re on the crazy train —

but that’s not my point…

my point here is that you are attached to how the transition needs to be…

what the next logical step is for your business…baby.

I know you. I’ve done the same thing.

I built a 1350 square foot holistic health clinic —

from nothing.

I found the space, planned the build out,

negotiated the lease terms when they said no to me as a new biz owner…

I found a way —

with no financials.

I broke even out of the gate.

And when I wanted to cash it all in to take my expertise online —

full time —

after building a team…

winning awards…

and being recognized in major publications…

I was convinced there was a buyer.

Cuz who wouldn’t want to purchase a profitable business?

Boy was I wrong.

I could barely give it away.

So after one year of courting prospective buyers

I killed my business baby.

Confession time — it almost killed me too.

My hubby spoke about this from his point of view on my podcast.

Listen for enlightenment. 🙂

And when I stopped pushing…

the Universe delivered ease and flow.

I sold all the furniture and equipment in record time…

bringing in more money than the low ball offer I laughed at —

and of course declined.

Do not be attached to the how.

Seems like a lesson I continue to learn and teach.

I’m reminded of my favorite book from 2017

by Mike Dooley, Playing the Matrix.

Definitely a not to miss read.

Here’s my main takeaway…

Be clear, yes.

Take action towards, yes.

Do not be attached to how it is delivered.

The 20/20 Recap

Get clear on where you want to go next.

Decide on how you will exit your current business.

Develop the plan.

Set a timeline, a date where you will make the cut. Transition full time.

Do not be attached to the how.

Never sacrifice YOU in the process, let go of the attachment as best you can…

One more thing…

Have you sold a business?

Closed a business?

Maybe you’re on the fence about ‘killing’ your business baby?

Maybe your business is currently ‘killing’ you?

I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  • Michelle McGlade

    MBA, MAc, LAc

    Authentic Self Leadership | Executive Success Coach | Business Growth Expert | Advisor to Dissatisfied High Achievers There’s a stress and burnout epidemic out there and people deeply want to change their approach in work and life. We’re taught to work hard at all costs. I saw it, too. My parents plan for me: go to college, work hard, get a good job. Working hard was my first strategy for success. I worked myself to the bone, and while I looked wildly successful on the outside, I felt unsuccessful inside. I saw the cycle, but couldn’t identify why it was happening, let alone how to fix it. Recently, I recommitted to my success, except now I focus on feeling wildly successful inside despite external appearances. I learned leadership is an inside-out game; when connected and present with myself, outward success came naturally. This work led me here but also work with my clients; high achievers like you and me. We’re not the type to share our struggles, we need a trusted advisor and safe place to let our journey unfold. That’s where I come in. I help high achievers who feel like something’s missing to discover the missing pieces, to feel successful and whole. We’ll determine why: • you feel bored despite success • your professional relationships thrive yet your personal ones don’t • others envy your ”perfect” life but you can’t feel good about it Let’s move you into your zone of genius without getting too “woo.” When working on inner leadership, it’s not about going soft, it’s about how much more power you bring that produces results in life and work. My clients helped me discover this approach. As a consultant, I’d assess their business and team, identify gaps and present solutions. But true transformation occurred when we’d work on the inward game of leadership. THAT is true coaching. I ask hard questions, provide tough love, and say what no one else will say to you. We go deep on what makes you, you. Working hard isn’t the only key to success, it’s about our emotional fitness. The success you seek and happiness you desire is an inside-out game. Let me show you how.