Now, everyone must be ready to measure and practice a new lifestyle that makes us all protected. Well, parents certainly have additional homework, which is preparing their children to be able to adapt well to a new normal life as well because we all need to ensure that the corona virus pandemic is not really over.

I say, it’s natural that we are all worried about living this new normal life. Even experts and academics also cannot predict what will happen next, but I think all parents need to remain calm in changing it so that children are also better prepared to move to new ones. normal state.

here I will share tips for you on how to live a New Normal life:

New standard of living

The new normal that is most clearly seen and most important for everyone today is how to live a healthy life. Of course, we must continue to apply frequent hand washing, hand sanitizing soap must always be available, wearing a mask, not touching the face area, or maintaining immunity with a healthy consumption, exercise, and sunbathing. Make this a new health protocol for your family. I suggest that we as parents begin to get used to and become an example for children. “Children will learn faster by example. If only told, it can be 100 to 1000.”

Learn to be independent

We all really don’t know when this pandemic ends. “Working from home, learning from home will still be long,” Therefore, we must tell our children that school will also change. For that reason, I advise that parents need to practice the child’s independence in the learning process. Familiarize children to not always have to be accompanied by parents when e-learning or doing assignments, accustom children to check their own work, get used not to be afraid of being wrong, not afraid of miscommunication with their teachers so that important opportunities are taught from now on.

Use Gadget Wisely

There are some parents who complain that their children are more likely to play gadgets because they study at home. Children feel that they are on vacation. They become unable to manage when learning time. Of course this will not help them live a new normal, where they should learn more than playing Gadgets. Therefore, help children find rhythm schedules that do not change much like studying at school. That will make them more orderly.

“Play” Virtual

It is undeniable that the Lock down pandemic makes children feel bored and lonely. They miss meeting or playing with friends around the house or at school. Therefore, parents can accompany them to feel fine by staying connected through technology. For example, children can play games such as snakes and ladders through video calls.

Be more careful with food / drinks

Previously, children might be able to casually snack after school. However, in the new normalcy, they must be more careful with anything that enters their mouths, including food and drink. “This is an important concern for parents to prepare school supplies for children including bringing food supplies for school.

Additional tips from me to maintain your health while undergoing a new Normal, it never hurts to try taking kratom capsules to boost immunity and increase your energy so that it is not easily infected with the corona virus.