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An unfortunate reality is that there’s no shortage of negativity in the world. Comparing negative news against the positive, the media focuses more on the terrible stuff. They recognize that stories of someone else’s tragedy attracts crowds. That’s unfortunate, but the media is not about keeping people informed as much as it is a business. Recognizing this is part of the key that helps unlock your life.

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I’m not suggesting that you should bury your head in the sand and avoid the news altogether. It’s always better to focus on the positive. There’s a proven reality: You attract what you focus on. Minimizing the negative in your life opens the door for you to focus more on the positive… the people in your life, experiences, opportunities, and goals for your intended future.

About this time, some will say, “Okay, here we go with the positive thinking thing.” Which would you prefer? Walking around each day listening to that negative tape player in your head, or being able to notice new bits of contentment… even when around negative people?

Positive Living

This isn’t about positive thinking; it’s about positive living, doing well in the life around you. Initially, looking for the good in people around you takes work. Yet, you’ll find that through your chosen ability to be positive or to be kind in unkind situations, you can literally shut negative people down. That opens the door to happier days.

I understand where you might be. When I was told about attracting kindness by being kind, or smiling at grumpy people, internally I wanted to ask, “Are you kidding me?”

Believing the Lie

Things weren’t always so great when growing up. I grew up in a violent and abusive place as a kid. During those years, I believed I’d never accomplish much because that’s what I was told. Then, I trudged along the same old path believing the old negative stories. One day I realized that other successful people I admired grew up in similar situations. I kept asking myself, “Why are they successful and not… me?

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It all came down to an unhappy truth that I spent years believing the lies of liars and hanging onto the negative stories. Once I chose a positive track, things changed. I learned that sometimes despite people acting up around us, I can think of positive things that made me happier than my current situation. I can’t tell you how many times amidst the behavior of fools, my mind and imagination took me to the beach.

What’s better than a day at the beach, anyway?

No one can make you think a thought without your permission. So, choose your thoughts and don’t let others drive them.

When some people worked hard to get me upset, I breathed slow breaths, smile anyway and opted to show kindness. Offenders struggle when faced with a professional and kind attitude. Personally, if kindness causes discomfort to an offender, then I’m just fine with that. It really screws up their plan, and it’s fun to watch. They either stop their antics or walk away; either way, you just empowered the surrounding environment, chasing off the negative and creating the positive.

Positive Being

It’s not about positive thinking; it’s about positive BEING. Our life’s purpose is not to stop, just sit there or lay down, take abuse or the world spin around us. You have within you the ability to change your immediate environment and that leads to sequentially changing the world as you know it. I know that’s a big statement but when you notice changes begin in your life, then hang on; you’re on the path to bigger changes and your life will grow in wonderful ways.

Case Study of Barbara

Barbara, a woman in her mid-twenties arrived for her first day on the job at a local business. Her wardrobe showed she couldn’t afford much, and she had little if any experience for this entry-level position. Barbara didn’t come from a family of means, but she has an internal wealth of kindness to others and excitement with this fresh opportunity. She looked forward to learning the ropes, making friends, and starting a career. With each task, she volunteered for the job. A few of the other workers were comfortable doing only the minimum for years, taking extended lunches and hourly smoke breaks with part of their clique.

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Barbara’s ambition made two of the lead bullies uncomfortable and it didn’t take long before they began giving her the cold shoulder and mistreating her. When possible, they engaged in public displays of rudeness, looking for a way to shake her up.

Barbara reached the end of what she thought she could take and spent too many moments crying alone in the bathroom. Sadly, she considered quitting when she ran into an old high school friend at the local grocery. A few days later, the two women met for coffee and shared stories of their lives since school. Her friend’s brother was a Life Coach, and she shared with Barbara some lessons learned from her brother about staying positive amidst challenge.

A Turning Tide

Over time, Barbara learned self-empowerment, rather than just existing amidst the abuse and disappointment. At the end of her probationary time, her boss called her into the office. Nervous that her coworkers plotted against her and she would lose her job, it surprised her when she received a promotion and offered a training program intended to prepare junior leaders.

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When Barbara returned to the office after her first training session, both of the two lead bullies left. The atmosphere in the office changed with the other women and they all became part of a positive team.

Barbara has since promoted again to a management position and after a reorganization, the remaining women received training and promotions.

Hang onto Your Primary Weapon

Just like Barbara, it’s your positivity that will show you the key to unlock your life. Your positivity will be your primary weapon throughout your journey of self-discovery. The road to happiness and freedom will probably have challenges and obstacles somewhere along the way. Yet with each one, you can continue to grow and overcome. In time, as the road bumps surface, you can step over them.

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