Are you letting the constant “busyness” in your life hold you back from experiencing true happiness? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live your dream life? Like most go-getter women, we often play multiple roles in our life including leader, wife, mom, friend, volunteer, event planner, travel agent, and “fixer” of all things. 

While you may thrive on making other people happy, you often sacrifice your own happiness along the way. You want to accomplish your business goals. You want to live a more purposeful life. You’re just waiting for the stars to align perfectly so that you have the confidence to go all in without the risk of judgment or failure.

Are You Ready To Take Courageous Action?

Like most of us you want to achieve those BIG goals and dreams! But, something is holding you back from taking courageous action to do that one, big, scary thing that will level up your business and allow you to live your dream life. 

You know exactly what I’m referring to when I say that “thing”. The “thing” that you’re feeling called to do. The “thing” that lights you up when you talk about it. The “thing” that gives you butterflies when you think about actually doing it.

So, what is that “thing”?

Maybe it’s…

  • You want to ask for that long overdue promotion; 
  • You want to leave your corporate job for a new start-up business;
  • Or, maybe you want to be “seen” in a bigger way through blogging, podcasts, or online courses. 

Whatever it is, if you’re like most ambitious women, even though you want it, you’re holding yourself back from actually doing it. 

Of course, you have a million reasons why now is not the right time. 

  • The kid’s extracurricular activities or sport schedules are too demanding;
  • The dog needs walking;
  • The laundry is overflowing;
  • The DIY home projects are too overwhelming;
  • Or, maybe the closets desperately need to be cleaned out (okay, that’s stretching it too far!).

It’s a struggle to keep up with your professional job AND take care of everything else in your busy life. The next thing you know, another day, another week, or even another month has passed by, and you haven’t taken courageous action on that “thing” yet. 

How Fear Is Holding You Back

It’s not that you’re too busy, don’t know enough, or aren’t ready. It’s just that the FEAR of leveling up your business is keeping you playing small.

Believe me…I totally get it! Like I said, I’ve been in your shoes before, and so have thousands of other go-getter women. The good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck in fear and put your dreams off for the future. What if I told you that you could kick fear in the rear and take courageous steps toward confidence to level up your business and live a more purposeful life?

How Your Thoughts Impact Your Life

It starts with realizing that there is a strong connection between your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, and results. Your thoughts and beliefs have the power to impact your actions, which ultimately impact your results.

How you THINK about certain situations create your BELIEFS, which in turn trigger feelings and emotions about those situations. How you FEEL determines which ACTIONS you take, ultimately impacting your RESULTS.

If you THINK you are not qualified or capable of getting the promotion or launching the online course, then your ACTIONS may lead you to drag your heels on actually taking courageous action and getting the RESULTS you want.

But if you know how to identify limiting beliefs when they pop up and you can address the fears or worries that keep you playing small, then your ACTIONS and RESULTS will reflect your new beliefs!

How To Start Living Your Dream Life

This 5-step guide will walk you through the exact steps to unlock your power within, take courageous action, and step into the confidence to live your dream life. 

Through this process, you’ll…

  • Unlock your power within to enable limitless success and growth;
  • Stop worrying about what other people think;
  • Become unapologetic about your goals, desires, and truth; and
  • Shift your mindset from scarcity and fear to abundance and confidence.

Step 1: Lean Inward 

Do you know what’s holding you back from stepping into your true power? This is your chance to lean inward to examine the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you playing small and living a purposeful life. 

Step 2: Tame Your Inner Critic

Is your inner voice controlling your life? All of us have a negative voice in our head that can trigger our fear, worry, or insecurity. You can rewire your negative thought patterns, take back your power, and live a purposeful life. 

Step 3: Get Clarity 

It’s time to clarify your core values and beliefs so you can articulate what’s truly important to you. Having clarity on your direction allows you to level up your business and live a purposeful life.

Step 4: Take Courageous Action 

Imagine taking courageous action towards your BIG dreams and goals in your life that align with your values, beliefs, passions, and make you happy. It’s time to live a vibrant, unapologetic, and purposeful life.

Step 5: Practice Abundance and Confidence

Implement daily practices and habits (e.g. meditation, gratitude practice, and regular exercise) to support an abundant and confident mindset and help you live a purposeful life. 

You can live a purposeful life, unlock your power within, and fearlessly live your dream life.