When I was young, I was poor.

Then I grew older, but was still poor – although I earned more money.


Let me explain.

As a student I only earned 700 Euros per month. I spent 500 Euros on my average costs of living and enjoyed the remaining 200 Euros.

Later I earned twice as much, 1500 Euros, but I did not feel any richer.

The reason was simple: I had no time to enjoy the money.

I realized that true wealth is not made out of money because I felt a lot richer with only 700 bucks but a lot of time.

I asked myself what true wealth is about. And I found an answer.

Here it is:

  1. Freedom
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Fitness

Let’s call it the 3 Fs of wealth.

What do rich people do? They live a life of freedom, work when and where they want. They spent time with their friends and family as much as the want and they live a healthy lifestyle.

This is wealth.

And my new job robbed me these things. I had no time for my family, no time for sports and freedom was farer away than the moon. I even could not decide on which project I wanted to work.

So what did I do? Did I choose to earn more money? No.

I choosed the 3 Fs instead of money. I found a new job with less money but more freedom, more time and choice.

What happened?

I now live a truely rich lifestyle – I spend time with my family, I have run a half marathon and I work where and when I want.

This is wealth.

And it doesn’t take much money.

All it takes is the courage to live a life on your terms.

Happiness comes from freedom. And freedom comes from courage.

Be brave – it will make you rich.

Yours Walter