Calorie calculation and tracking, high protein intake and eating the food you love – these strategies will help you lose weight and live a sustainable life

Do you want to look lean? Lose weight? Be fit even when you are not in your twenties anymore?

You probably tried all different diets.

Starved yourself.

Ate on type of food.

Ate just broccoli and chicken.

And that worked until…you started eating as before. Then you put weight back on and had to start everything all over again.
You probably even tried to “kill” yourself by doing a lot of cardio…and very often you even didn’t like what you were doing but pushed yourself that to lose weight. How long did you manage to keep doing it?

Most likely not long.

So what is the best solution to all that?
90% of the results is from nutrition and only 10% from workouts. So you need to concentrate and change your nutrition to get the best possible results.
What do you need to do?

  1. Calculate how many calories you need to eat based on your gender, age and activity level?
  2. Increase your protein intake
  3. Eat more vegetables
  4. Don’t ever stop eating or drinking what you like – just incorporate into your daily calories otherwise cravings will creep in and you will eat that food anyway.
  5. Do the workouts you enjoy not what somebody tells you to do as you won’t enjoy and won’t last long.

All those tips will help you to lead a long sustainable life enjoying it together with family, friends and you won’t have to worry that you have to eat cake on your birthday or pizza on a family picnic.

Ruta has her own fitness coaching business where she helps them to learn how to lead that sustainable life and get into the best shape possible. Feel free to get in touch with her or email [email protected] and change your life.