Are you a shy person? Do you find it difficult to express yourself as others do?

Smiles…. You aren’t alone. Yes! I am an inborn introvert! It was really difficult to express myself – I don’t want to be where people are and once a conversation is going more than five minutes, it sucks me already. That was how I lived years back before I took a life’s-turn.

Meanwhile, a write up by Jenna Goudreau on Forbes shows that introverts make up one third to half of the U.S. population. Wow! So we are these many!!

Now get this – Being an introvert is not bad at all (not like the way it is being painted to be) but living a boring life as an introvert is killing mehn!!!

It can sometimes be depressing when you see that other people around you do not understand the way you feel, and most times you just prefer to stay silent and be alone, not make conversation, you decline invitation to parties, even when you attend one you prefer to be alone and leave early. All these attribute shows that you’re an introvert.

However, being an introvert doesn’t condition you to live a boring life, in fact, you are really awesome the way you are, and you can turn your lifestyle into an epic adventure.

Here is how to live an interesting life as an introvert.

Indulge in varieties of lone activities

As an introvert, you prefer to stay alone and do everything when others are not there, but truth be told, it can sometimes be boring to keep mainly to oneself just by thinking for a very long period of time.

However, you can as well be alone and not have the sense of being bored or tired, if you indulge in varieties of lone activities. This would occupy and give you a sense of companion which would make you forget you are alone. You can Listen to music, read novels, watch TV series, watch anime, play several video games or play virtual chess. You can even decide to spend more time on house chores.. #Smiles

These activities does not only keep you from being bored but also gives you the advantage to be focus (especially the virtual chess game) and get more creative than an extrovert.

Here is why! Aside from the fact that scientist has proven that playing some certain loner games helps focus, creativity and boost the functionality of the brain. A research conducted by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist suggests that the most creative people in many fields are introverts. This is because introvert are more comfortable spending time alone, and solitude is a tangible ingredient for creativity.

Make use of social media

Social media is one of the keyways to live an interesting life as an introvert. In fact, I’ll even call it a blessing since it’s one of the sure ways to live a social life even without being social.

You rarely see an introvert having a long term face to face discussion or conversation with friends or family. Meanwhile, with the help of social media platforms, you can socialize yourself with people without any pressure from face to face conversation.

Well, in the real sense of it, it’s much more easier to speak with someone online through SMS or chats than to keep a conversation going physically. Yot tend to have time to think before you reply, and if you don’t’ feel like, you can ignore. Rather than being nervous of trying to excuse yourself from a conversation in the real life.

Likewise, it’s so much easier to send someone a friends request on facebook than to approach someone you’ve never spoken to in real life.

Build your creative sense

As an introvert, you have a lot running through your head that you want to share with people, but you’re unable to tell them yourself because you’re shy. You think more than you speak and this gives you the opportunity to build a creative self.

Additionally, study reveals that introverts are highly sensitive people and are deep thinkers. This gives you the opportunity to come up with new ideas that an average person can’t come up with. You really have an awesome and interesting life to live if you can use your creative ability.

Most highly successful individuals, in the likes of Albert Einstein, Emma Watson, Nicholas Dutko; founder of Vehicle Transport Services and Bill Gate; Microsoft co founder, were all labeled as an introvert, yet today we celebrate them for living a well fulfilled life as successful introverts, and the world will always remember them for their great impact.

You can also use your creative mind to make impact in the world today. As an introvert, you really have an awesome and interesting life to live if you can use your inner ability.

Just ‘chill out’ once in awhile

An introvert can stay in door without looking out throughout the day even during weekends. You rarely see an introvert who loves going out, unless it’s very compulsory. Although it’s their nature, but the truth is as time goes on life becomes more than boring. We’re human and we need to see things and feel alive.

In addition, going out reduce depression symptoms, boosts energy levels and improve overall well-being. It could be on weekends, to somewhere not rough or to a quiet place where you feel the cool air of Nature (as far as it’s outta your boredom), take pictures of what you like and keep the memory. Just make sure you ‘chill out once in awhile.

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