You might hear some people complain that life is boring. Every day is the same. Life is not interesting. That is because they are not living creatively. A person who lives creatively will not find boredom in life as they are creating all the time, how can life be boring if you are creative?

But then what is creative living?

Creativity does not need to be confined to what a lot of people conceive as arts, such as painting, photography, writing etc.

In fact, everything in life can be creative, whether it is cooking, cleaning, tidying up your bedroom and all the smallest things in life. Life is art and you are the artist of your life. Even taking a walk can be creative.

I believe the best creativity should come spontaneously. The moment when you do something on a whim. The moment when you feel utterly inspired. The moment when you are completely relaxed, also you do not really care about any economic gain or loss from performing this creative act.

The so-called spontaneity is when our higher-self is sending messages to us. A lot of creative ideas are actually not what we actively think of. On the surface it may seem like that, but in fact most of the time it is when we hear an inner voice that is telling us what to do, then we merely just record it down or releasing this idea in our own ways, whether it is drawing, writing, cooking or even taking a walk.

This inner voice comes from our “higher self”, our soul, the Divine or whatever you want to call it.

I found my best articles or poems are all written spontaneously and do not need to change much. I just heard a voice from my mind telling me what to write then I merely record it down.

A lot of the time when I finished writing I actually couldn’t remember what I wrote because I did not spend time to think. They just came to me, I was just a recorder.

This spontaneous act can spread to all aspects of my life. For instance, last night I really missed the delicious Dal Bhat I had in Nepal (my inspiration came) and so I decided to give it a go. I google the recipe quickly then started cooking spontaneously (creativity kicks in) and it tasted quite good 🙂

So it could have just been another dinner but it became super fun because i was creating from my heart. Of course I can also choose to ignore my inspiration and choose to cook what I normally cook, but then that is not very interesting.

So please listen to your inner voice, the voice will tell you what to do, then just do it. For instance, if you feel like tidying up your room then do it. When you feel like doing something your energy becomes very high so you can make tidying up your room a creative activity.

If you can discover creativity in the little things in life, then your life will become creative, and life will become very interesting. If you do every little thing in life creatively, how can your life be boring?

Remember: True creativity should be spontaneous and try not to plan too much about what you are going to do, also do not be a perfectionist (perfectionists are normally not very creative as they think too much which kills the creative flow).

PS. This article is also written spontaneously when I wake up this morning. I read a book from Osho about creativity, feeling very inspired, so in my subconscious I already wanted to write an article like this. When I meditated this morning, I also heard the inner voice telling me how to write, so I just recorded it down.

Everything comes from my higher self, my soul.


listen to your higher self,

allowing the creative juices flow

living your life spontaneously,

make your life become creative in every aspect

make your life an interesting one

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