Upon a time, life was simple. Technology wasn’t consuming our lives and we weren’t running from point A to B all day, every day. Foods were simple, not made with ‘made-man’ ingredients. Cancer was not frequent like a common cold. People went to bed reading books, not iPhones or iPads. People were not fighting half the emotions and feeling they are today. Simplicity was the key.

Today, technology is a huge factor in our lives. We can’t pretend it’s not, when the truth is it’s there, day in day out. With technology comes our need to ‘feel’ connected to family and friends via social media. We claim we are so busy and the only way to know what’s going on with others’ lives is via social media.

We would have once had monthly, fortnightly or weekly catch ups with family and friends. We would have had conversations, laughs and great food. We would have felt wholeheartedly connected.

Reflect on your younger years, before technology became the norm.

What did you do? What were your parents doing? They definitely were not sitting on an iPhone. They were having real conversations face to face. They were connecting.

With the our lives now surrounded by technology, we are finding ourselves more and more out of alignment.

If your life is feeling completely out of alignment, take note of what you’re doing in your life. Write down what your daily routines are. What things are you doing, what are the ‘rushing’ moments, why are you rushing. What are the pressure points, the things that are making you feel stressed. Leave this for a day or two, and then go back and have a look at what was going on. What is jumping out at you as a stress factor, or something that isn’t serving you. Something that is misaligned.

Now, image I had a magic wand. Tell me what would you want me to change? How can I change it for you?

Would you go technology free for a day?

Would you organise more face to face catch ups?

Would you start doing more daily meditations, or exercise?

Would you STOP and be in the moment more?

I am now handing my wand to you, now I want you to make these wishes for re-alignment a reality.

What you’ve identified is obviously something you feel intuitively or obviously, that isn’t serving you. It’s time to fix it, remove it or change it. Do what you need to do to take the imbalance away and get yourself feeling re-aligned.

We often do things because we perceive we have to do them, often it’s an internal pressure we put on ourselves, or an interpretation of something we think others expect from us. Yes, we are often our own cause, because we perceive, feel or are worried over something that is potentially not there.

The power of alignment in your life begins with you. Listen within to see what is feeling displaced. If you’re struggle to see if from the inside out, then be objective and image you were helping a friend, and they were presenting exactly what you’re feeling to you. What would you tell them to do?

Another trick to do is to write down everything you’re feeling. Write down everything that comes to mind. Regardless of whether it makes sense or not. It’s floating to your mind for a reason.

Leave your notes for a couple of days, and go on doing as you would, forgetting about what you wrote down.

Come back to it and see what pop out to you immediately. When you read it, how does it make you feel and what would you do to change it. Are you seeing something present itself that you didn’t even realise was there?

Stepping away from things and coming back to them are great ways to gain clearer vision of matters needing to be realigned.