From C. S Lewis’ ” A horse and his boy”

Creativity is our sanity, our soul survivor, our hope to keep believing in a better tomorrow. If we can keep alive the creative flame that is within, willing us live, then we will begin to thrive and not simply exist even if our normal changes. Children who have not been raised with screens in front of their every open eyes show us how they live wholeheartedly through creative play, how they can make something out of nothing and how they get great joy in doing this; how they love being given time in the great outdoors, barefooted, mud splashed, tree-climbing, sky above, joy-filled simplicity, how a whole world can be created with scraps from the recycling basket and snacks can be made up of whatever can be foraged in the moment.

In reflecting on this I came up with this list that helped me to look up from my screen, the news, whatsapp groups, opinions and just focus on what I can control and what I can do to thrive in uncertain times. Doing this, helped me not to give up on dreaming and re-ignited that dwindling inner flame of hope for a better world.

- don't stop being creative
- know that not everything needs to be counted or can be measured
- remove or reduce things you know steal your energy
- drink water
- sleep more
- blue screen less
- be intentional
- spend time under sky
- spend time with paper and pencil
- SMOW - small moments of wonder - under foliage (if possible)
- new angles of sitting and seeing
- sunset
- watch steam rising off favourite cuppa
- birdsong
- birdflight
- wind whispers
- seeds sprouting (in a little cotton wool on your window sill)
- roots growing (a succulent in a jar of water, a herb cutting)
- deep breaths - grateful we can
- patience (with yourself and others)
- other focused
- de-cluttering
- sharing and giving (online for now)
- swopping (recipes; quotes; creative ideas, songs)
- upcycling
what else?