When you enter an organization, you may often observe some big board displaying Vision and Mission. 

What is that? Do you think that those statements and objectives are just for the corporate-speak?

Well, Vision is not a corporate thing. It is important for every individual… who want to achieve something big in life.

The meaning of Vision is very simple: “It is basically the ability to imagine a future that doesn’t exist right now, but it gives you the inspiration to achieve that.

It may not be that clear at first, but as you stay focused, you gain the ability to get a clear picture.

Vision is not a hallucination… You should not confuse these two.

Hallucination is an experience that involves the perception of things that are not present.

But when we talk about Vision, it is something that motivates you to become a better person, as compared to what you are today. It is a set of objectives and goals that you want to achieve; moreover, teach you to invest time for that. And the biggest difference is that it doesn’t just stay in your mind; rather, Vision is something that is involved in every action of your life.

Yeah! True Vision gets into every part of your life so that you can stay directed to what you want to achieve.

When we talk about the Vision of an organization, it essentially works like a guiding light for their employees. Business owners spend a huge amount of time to arrange those words in the vision and mission statements so that it looks impactful and give a unique definition to their brand.

Similarly, the Vision of an individual is the guiding force, the true inner calling.

Vision defines life and inspires us to choose the best way to move ahead. It saves you from getting lost in the dark and sends a ray of hope to grow higher and higher.

It’s not just about yourself; you can have Vision for your family, the people around you, and of course, to make the world a better place for everyone.

Vision is something that stays in your head all the time, and you re-live it every next moment. As time passes, it starts becoming clearer, and you start realizing what you have to do to make this dream come true.

There is no right age to set up a vision for life. The idea can click your mind at any time. You just have to feel that charm within that thought and give it enough space in your mind. Let it grow with time, and soon you will be able to develop new interests that take you closer in the direction of making your Vision a reality.

Vision is a strong emotion, desire, and self-expression… It’s something you feel passionate about. A strong thought that motivates you to get new knowledge and experiences for life.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that Vision is not a constant thing. The scope may get broader as you progress in life.

It’s not about staying restricted to something; it’s about letting your soul fly where it finds real pleasure.