If you’re anything like how I used to be, your wardrobe is jam packed with shit you don’t wear and when you finally manage to get your drawers closed (hallelujah) – there always seems to be that one sleeve which looks like its desperately trying to escape. Your bathroom looks like a Priceline outlet, your favourite shoes haven’t been re-heeled in – well, ever and the trusty black jeans you wear everyday are about to grow a new hole in the crotch. Yet, you almost always only look “okay”, because making effort to look nice every day is way too hard basket. Well, not anymore Bag lady!

Here are my tips on how to look like you’ve got your shit together – BOOM!

  • Be Brutal

Go through it all and get rid of anything that:

  • You haven’t worn in 6-12 months
  • Has damage – be honest with yourself, will you ever get it fixed?
  • Doesn’t fit properly
  • Resembles an old baggy t-shirt for “lazy days”
  • Doesn’t make you feel hot af when you wear it – why would you ever want to look bad on purpose? Chuck it! (Or give it to Salvos/Red Cross)
  • Be a Basic Bitch

I’m sure you’ve heard this a millllliiionnn times before (everyone else obsessively watches Youtube guru’s yeah?) – keep your colours neutral.

So, put simply, get rid of anything that is overly patterned, too many colours and that basically looks shite paired with anything else. No one likes a pattern vomit.

  • Be a Princess

Only own nice stuff. Seriously.

If you cull your wardrobe down to only items you LOVE then even on your “lazy” days – you’ll look good. That’s right. Even on those PMS- hate the world kind of days, when you want to hide under baggy black grossness, you won’t be able to because they won’t be there and you’ll be forced to look put together.

  • Be a Boss

Especially on your worst days.

Those days when you least feel like putting in any effort are the days you really should – why? Because it will make you feel better. It’s really that simple.

  • Be a Beauty Guru

I’m exaggerating obviously. Just learn your basic makeup tricks so you look put together in the least amount of time.

My personal favourites for the “no-make up make-up look” are:

BB Cream I use Garnier as I find it the least shiny

Any decent brow pencil for a little definition – don’t go nuts and find yourself the victim of a bad brows meme.

Blushagain, don’t go nuts. The goal is to look awake not like a clown.

Mascara – Go nuts. Tip: Apply in a zig-zag movement. Thank me later.

Lipstick – Or matte lip liner. Both work well to elevate your look from cbf to haf

Nails – Shellac or SNS. Totes worth it.

  • Be Rachel

In other words – have good hair. The kind of hair that generation after generation will copy. Did anyone else get “The Rachel”? Ahh the good old days.

Ideas for keeping it simple but sleek.

The low bun with a centre part (a Kardashian fav)

The high bun with a few strands out to frame the face.

Ideas for when you want to feel trendy

Two side braids (probs not suitable for the above 30’s but I still rock it at 31)

The half up bun – works with both a neat and messy top knot

Loose curls – doesn’t take that long once you get the hang of it. Just remember to curl AWAY from your face when curling the front. Unless 80’s is what you’re going for.

Most importantly – make friends with dry shampoo.

  • Shoes & Accessories

Invest in decent shoes.

Get the heels and soles replaced – cheaper than buying new shoes.

Classics you should own:

Black and Nude heels – I prefer a thicker heel as I resemble an elephant learning to walk in stilettos. It’s not cute.

Black ballet flats

Haviana’s – obviously

Nice trainers – I prefer a classic Vans or Chucks style.

Side note – wearing your gym shoes with your office attire. Don’t be that guy.

Accessories to own

A good quality bag

A good quality purse

A cute keyring – coz little things make me happy

Jewellery – I tend to wear the same diamond studs – I really am that lazy

On a final note – these are all subject to personal taste obviously, so don’t take it too literally if you really dig your blue and orange tie-dye dresses and walking to work in your gym shoes.

Originally published at bossyalexa.com