If despite all the best weight loss diets you have followed so far, you still haven’t managed to lose belly weight and eliminate abdominal fat, you are probably eating the wrong foods and doing unsuitable exercises.

Foods such as bread, pasta, and refined foods create inflammation resulting in a swollen belly. Stress is another factor to consider.

Well, now let’s get to the heart of the guide to understanding how to lose belly fat without effort or health risks.

How to lose your weight fast?

A targeted plan is therefore needed to understand and resolve specific conditions – different from man to woman – based on age and hormonal conditions.

In the next paragraphs, therefore, I will show you physical exercises and food plans that make you lose your belly quickly even without a slimming diet, approaches that can also be used to lose weight in the belly and hips in menopause, a particular condition that must be treated in the most correct way.

Read the guide to find out which exercises are suitable and which diet to follow to lose weight quickly and get sculpted abs.

Exercises to eliminate the belly

To eliminate the belly, the first exercise is called “Plank”.

Scientific studies published by Sports Biomechanics show that when performing the plank, multiple abdominal muscles are involved which help to lose weight quickly.

The execution of the plank consists in maintaining the position of the body in an axis through an isometric contraction of the muscles involved.

Other great exercises to eliminate the belly are:


Lie down on a mat then raise your legs to 45 degrees. With your hands behind your head, lift your chest, contract your abs and pay attention, and not bend your elbows. This works on your upper and lateral abdominals.

Leg lift:

Still from the lying position, raise your legs and place them perpendicularly off the ground. With your hands extended to your sides, lift your legs and keep your toes straight and pointing up, then lower them without letting your heels touch the ground.

What to eat

In addition to performing physical activity and targeted exercises, you need to know what to eat. It is therefore essential to integrate exercises with a healthy diet and build a diet to lose your belly fat.

Here is a list of foods to deflate the belly:

  • Fennel, artichokes and beets: purify the intestine and deflate the abdominal area;
  • Whole grains: they are excellent for regulating intestinal activity and defeating inflammation, the cause of gas and bloating;
  • Blue fish: highly digestible, low in calories but rich in minerals, vitamin and essential fatty acids;
  • Fruit: to be consumed only in the morning;
  • Water and lemon: two liters a day will boost your metabolism.
  • Use Fat Burners: Shed Fast is the best fat burner for men bodybuilders and for female looking for stimulating curves.

Lose weight for men, children and 50 years.

For men

For men, it can be a difficult task to reduce the abdominal circumference, especially in the case of sedentary work and drinking alcohol and coffee.

In addition to the physical exercises, which we have already mentioned, to lose weight a man must follow an adequate diet based on:

  • fibers
  • lots of liquids
  • few fatty seasonings (no butter and oil)
  • fruits and vegetables

For Children

An increase in the abdominal area can also occur in children, especially with a marked visual effect of swelling, in the vast majority of cases due to sugar abuse.

To understand which is the best diet to lose belly and stomach weight in children, it is necessary to evaluate each case individually.

At 50

An age in which there are particular physiological changes – in both men and women – is the period that goes from 45 to 50 years.

In this age group, also due to hormonal changes, a simple quick and easy diet may no longer be enough to get a flat and deflated stomach.

It has been scientifically proven that to lose weight at the age of 50 it is necessary to perform different types of exercises and follow a personalized diet, in order to decrease the fat accumulated in the abdomen and at the same time preserve muscle mass.