Okay, well maybe not exactly ten days; but constant exposure to these things can have a negative impact on your overall health. If you find yourself incorporating these into your life, over time they could become a recipe for anxiety, stress and even depression.

Live Your Life to Please Others

As humans, many of us are empaths. In being empaths, we highly value the opinions of others; often times to a fault. We seek approval and validation from all sorts of external parties; when really we lose sight of the things that bring joy to our life. If you find yourself struggling with this; take the time to re-identify the things that you want to accomplish in your life for yourself. Do not live your life according to the deadlines or expectations others place onto you, but setting small goals for yourself to achieve each day and stop breaking promises to yourself.

Be Offended by Everything

These days there are many important conversations coming to the forefront about offensive actions and behaviors that have taken place over time, without being addressed until now. However, it feels like we have become a society that is actively looking for the negative side of everything. Now, I understand there are certain things that cannot be ignored. What I am getting at is that the more we focus on the negative, the harder it becomes to see the positive. We absorb ourselves in negative news stories, gossip, and the usual crooked political discussions. If someone has a different view than we do… WE. ARE. TRIGGERED. I’ve noticed how aggressive discussions have become, how we hold that anger and resentment inside. What if we let go of negativity, and existed within our own beliefs in peace? Without having to stifle them, but also not screaming on top of a mountain about what is important to us (in 2019, a mountain = Twitter). Actions speak louder than words. If you are passionate about change, than take steps to make a difference. Participate in fundraisers, walks, marches, voting, etc. and focus on the positive steps you are taking in something of importance to you.

Don’t Spend Time Outdoors

We have become way too comfortable in our beds, on our couches, in our cubicles and in our bubbles. I recently saw something that said “Don’t forget to stay hydrated and get sunlight; you’re basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions”, and it is so true. I thought about how little I see the sun during the winter months. I see it on my way to work, and on my way home from work. I sit in a concrete box all day with no windows. This is how my life is 5 days a week. And I was miserable. My seasonal depression skyrocketed, and it became a vicious cycle of not seeing the light of day and only wanting to stay inside. Once I broke that cycle and made time to spend in nature, my energy and my mood improved for the better. The term stir-crazy really is a thing, guys.

Live on Coffee and Preservatives

I will be the first to admit I am completely, utterly and helplessly in love with coffee. It is my first true love. But I know it is unrequited and it will not sustain me. I see it (and have lived it) everyday. People get their morning coffee, some skip breakfast completely while others eat a granola bar or a pre-frozen breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, grab another quick and cheap meal for lunch (also probably pre-frozen at some point) and they are too tired to cook a healthy meal when they are home so they order take-out. Newsflash: our bodies need natural nutrients and vitamins. This greatly impacts our moods. Our bodies are like engines, and we need to properly maintain them by giving them the fuel they need to function to their maximum potential.

Never Read Books or Articles

Staring at screens have taken up most of our days. Phone screens, computer screens, TV screens. Not only is it bad for our vision, it’s bad for our brain functioning as well. We’re looking at these screens, but are we really engaged in what we see? Or are we mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds before bed? It seems like it’s become more difficult to focus, and I feel this is a direct result. We need to take more time to read about things that interest us, to learn new things or read different perspectives on a topic of importance to us. Take a step back from your phone and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for 2 years now. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Don’t Communicate Your Feelings

“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thanks”

Sometimes you are fine, but you’re probably not fine and that’s okay to talk about. Stop stuffing your feelings deep down inside yourself and get them out of your mind. Journal, meditate, practice breath work; but most importantly, speak about your feelings and what you think might be causing them. Talk to your friends, your spouses, your therapist or whoever you feel comfortable speaking to. But be honest with them and yourself. We have grown too accustomed to pushing our feelings aside and ignoring them; we’re far too busy to deal with emotions. This only hurts us in the long run. Over time the emotions that go unaddressed can trigger anxiety and depression; sometimes we need that extra ear and shoulder to lean on and that’s okay.

Try to focus more on what matters to you, rather than the opinions of others. Look for the positives around you. Get some fresh air. Practice more kindness with yourself. Listen to your body and figure out what it needs. Stop and feel your emotions, but address them appropriately. Continue to ignite the light inside of you.