This is week 3 of a 4 weeks series on Alchemy of the Elements with Li-Sann

This week we will explore the Element of Air

By Li-Sann Mullings RN

Did you Know ;
That our connection to the 4 primary elements; Water, Earth, Air & Fire offer a powerful pathway to rebalancing our emotional, physical, mental and energetic bodies?
Having worked in the Spa & Wellness industry for close to 3 decades, I have discovered from my work with clients that the emotional, physical,mental,and energy bodies each hold the vibration of & is aligned with one of the 4 primary elements.
Working with the Elements can and do support us in releasing heavy, dense energy like anger, sadness, grief etc stuck in one of these 4 bodies.
Over time our 4 bodies can become inundated with not just our personal heavy energetic deposits, but we also take on the energetic sludge within our environments. The 4 elements of Water, Earth, Air & Fire when used in specific ways can be powerful resources that supports us to cleanse, purify,release, renew, ground, rebirth, and transmute.
We carry each of the 4 elements within us, so they recognize us as “Self”, and when we in turn recognize them in the same way, and actively partner with them, then transformation of an Alchemical nature happens.
Today we will focus on Air, the Element that is all around us, yet impossible to see. It is also the carrier of the other Elements. It feeds our senses in various ways, like carrying the vibrations of sounds to our ears.
The Element Air governs the mental body and influences Chakras 2 through 6, located from right below the navel to between the eyebrows, and is a powerful antidote to calming our mind.
Of all the elements, Air is the one that we most rely on, it is breath, it is prana, it is our very lifeforce.
The average person can only go for 2-3 minutes without air before an adverse outcome occurs. It is the super cleanser of toxins, and is responsible for all movement including expansion, contraction, and suppression.
During stressful situations the breath pattern becomes shallow and constricted due to reduced air flow, and this leads to more muscular effort, stress on the nervous, hormonal, and immune systems which can impair both physical and psychological function.
Breath awareness practices like yoga, tai chi, or meditation are all great tools that support a healthy lifestyle, but might not always be practical depending on time and location.

Breathing in a meditative way even for short periods of time has been shown to positively impact mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and enhance stress tolerance among other things. Meditative breathing promotes relaxation, and vice versa which then improves blood flow, and promotes the cleansing of toxic stress hormones, and enhanced immune function.
Air is indeed a powerful antidote to not just the Mental body, but it is life enhancing.
I would like to share with you a meditative breathing technique that I call The 3 Worlds Supportive Breath Practice. In my work as a Quero Shaman I always partner with the 3 worlds; Higher, Middle, and Lower to harness the energies of all 3 for the most powerful outcome.
This practice can be done anywhere, in your home, office, the airport, the car. I have done this in Sams Club standing in a line 9 deep to hold a calm center.

With eyes open or closed. Connect with your breath, and take 3 deep cleansing circular breaths.

Now take another breath in through the nose, and feel an accompanying breath from the upper world pouring in through your crown center, the top of your head. As you exhale, feel this breath combination flowing throughout your entire body.

Another deep breath in, and feeling an accompanying breath from this middle world all around you flowing in through your heart center. Exhale and feel this combined breath flowing throughout your entire body.

Taking another deep breath in, and feeling a partner breath from deep down in the center of the Earth, and the crystal kingdom flowing up through the soles of your feet. Exhale and feel this combined breath flowing through your entire body.

One last deep, deep cleansing breath and feel within every cell in your body the combined life force energy of the 3 worlds flowing through you cleansing, purifying, detoxifying, nourishing, supporting.

Rest in this space for as long as you would like.

Use this resource to calm your mind whenever you are feeling worried, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.

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