Regardless of the reason, there comes a point in time where time zones, states or even an ocean separates us from our best friends. Before you become a sobbing mess saying “see you soon” to your ride or die, know this: friendships are not defined by how often you physically see each other — rather the spotlight remains on how well you maintain your relationship. Moving away from close friends does not mean that your friendship has to come to screeching halt, it purely means that you may need to take a different approach to your relationship.

Here are seven ways to maintain your bond even when you’re miles away. 

Phone Calls

Relatively speaking, calling your best friend seems like the easiest task in the world but once you add time zones, work schedules, and your personal life into the mix – it complicates things. The phone tag begins and “call you back tomorrow” text messages are exchanged and before you know it, three months has slipped by without hearing each other’s voice. The simple solution? Schedule a phone call. Yup, I’m talking highlighted Gmail calendar invites, the whole nine yards. You wouldn’t miss a scheduled work phone call so by securing a window of time to chat with your girlfriend gives you uninterrupted time to catch up. 

Group Text

Having a group text with your best girlfriends is solid way to stay in touch and have consistent communication. The bad news is you can’t sit down to pee without missing 30 or more text messages. The good news is you’re able to talk about the mundane day to day things instead of catching up on weeks and or months of life’s moments. 

Girls Trip

Want to know what’s good for the soul? A weekend away with your best friends. Whatever you have to do to make a girls trip a reality, do it. Nothing about the trip has to be elaborate! As long as you’re together, laughing until your stomach hurts, that’s what matters. Set a date, buy the flight and go. Your friendship will thank you. 

Snail Mail

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten card. One of my best friends, Jesse, will randomly put a little note in the mail and I’m telling you – they always show up in my mailbox at the exact perfect time. The envelope may serve as a much needed smile, a pick me up and or a virtual hug – either way, it’s an easy sentiment to let your friend know that you’re thinking about them, even from miles away. So, next time you’re aimlessly walking through the aisles of Target, make a pit stop at the card section.  

Treat It Like a LDR

I find it a bit silly that there are endless articles discussing tips and tricks of how to make long distance romantic relationships work while the topic of long distance friendships is shoved into a corner. Since long distance friendships are more prevalent, we, as a society, tend to downplay them. The reality is, both types of relationships require an immense amount of effort. Make no mistake that each type of relationship is equally as important and both require your full attention. In a way, your girlfriends are absolutely your soulmates and soulmates deserve your full effort. Make the effort. Make the time. Make the sacrifices. Just as you would for a romantic partner. 

This post was originally published on The Millennial Miss.