One of the beautiful things about the travel experience is that we get to be, away! Yes! Away from all of the stress, responsibilities, and whatever else comes with living in the real world. Of course, that doesn’t mean that real life can’t be fun. However, until that point comes, travel provides us with that imagination and adventure in fulfilling what we need. Something new, foreign, and one that forces us to learn things never learned before.

One of the downsides of travel is how a particular travel experience has to come to an end, at some point. We dread it! Oh, how we wish we could extend our travel time. How we wish we could give ourselves an extended time; feeling we have been gone away for ages! Well, who said that wasn’t a possibility? After all, it’s the experiences, which prolongs the trip. Its a little mind trick we can do for ourselves.

Here are a few of those travels tricks, which can used in order to make ourselves feel we are on a longer vacation, than what we have anticipated!

*Research Your Location Before Traveling

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In order to know your options, its best to know what is there. I don’t solely mean the major tourist sites, the destination is known for. I actually mean some of the other spots, which are not as vigilant. Yet, they can provide you the comfort, and excitement, you seek. Those include certain spa areas, well-known restaurants, recreational facilities, performing and visual art locations, and others. If you are doing 1-week of travel, within a certain area-compile a list of everything you wish to do. Planning it out on a daily basis is also very helpful. Remember, when you write something down, you are more than likely to keep that commitment to yourself.

*Keep A Daily Journal

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Writing about your personal experiences in foreign lands is very magical and sentimental. Remember you are capturing yourself in a certain time and place. Cherish every second of your time there. Time only goes fast when you take it for granted. Highlight precious moments of your time, there. Write on a daily basis. If you want to make your experiences more memorable, write during more than one time, during the day. Travel allows honesty! Truths are revealed about you, during this time. Journal daily, and allow yourself be the first person, you are honest with.

*Flood Each Day With Different Activities

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Make sure that you make each day a unique day, of its own. Based on where you are, select a new activity to do. If you are on the beach, go search for seashells. Try preparing a different culinary dish each day. Get creative in the kitchen. Even if you are going for your daily workout, change it up. Make sure you engage in different exercise regiments. Go cycling on another day. Choose a special, and safe, part of the area where you are residing, and go running. Get up early in the morning, before sunrise, and safely practice yoga. Check out a movie from the local culture, and see if you are able to go for a morning, afternoon, or evening matinee-VIA social distancing, style. If not, you can always stay in the hotel; enjoying it with yourself or loved ones.

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*Make It A Point To Conquer One Fear

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We all have our fears. They can be very difficult to tackle, when we are home. Sometimes when changing locations, we are able to overcome a phobia. So, think of a fear. Is it water? It is heights? Are you afraid of a particular, non-hazardous, animal? Whichever fear you are most comfortable in overcoming, while you are on vacation, go for it. Overcome that phobia, and end it once and for all.

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*Connect With A Fellow Traveler, Or Two

Whether you are alone, or traveling, by yourself, make it a point to meet a new person. It can be a fellow traveler, or someone working in the travel industry. Meeting those cool individuals elevates your experience. Grab a drink or lunch with them. Of course, make sure you are in a safe and public environment. Sit apart from each other, for social distancing reasons. Then go ahead and engage in feast and fellowship. You never know what lessons, or new things you may learn.

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*Learn Something New About Yourself

Is there a certain personal talent, yet to be discovered? What about a particular hobby, that you have yet to explore? If you don’t have time during a regular work day, you definitely have time to do it when going on a foreign adventure. Its the unusual scenario, that makes it fun. Did you know you could sing? Did you discover that you liked dolphins? Whatever it may be, take every day to learn someone about you, during the trip!

*Create A New Style!

However your fashion sense may be, try to blend in with nature. Nature is part of us, and we rely on nature. Find an outfit and connect it with the Earth. See yourself as a blank canvas. Use each day to restructure a new fashion sense with your existing wardrobe. A change in scenario gives you the opportunity to experience a new camoflouge with nature. Treat yourself well, and buy a special wardrobe piece, which interprets the very theme of your trip. Allow it to tell a story, your story, for just one week!

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No matter the duration of our travel, we are always able to create memories. Its the memories, and capturing of those memories, which allows us to feel the very richness of travel. Therefore, if we are able to create abundant wealth in our travel experiences, our time can be extended. A week can feel like a month if we take the time to fill up the time with rich memories. Fill up your time. Don’t be a lazy traveler. Allow activities and memories to heal, and gain a plethora of skills and knowledge, that you paid for.

(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark
(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)


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