The thank you page of an online store is the window that is displayed at the end of the purchase of the product. Said window accurately and adequately expresses the gratitude that a seller feels for having purchased a product or service offered, thus marking the end of a commercial transaction.

Although it may not seem like it, this window of appreciation is one of the most important aspects to consider when considering an online store, since this farewell letter could become the only opportunity you have to retain customers. Do you want to know how to make this page in the best possible way? Web design Toronto is best solution for you.

Considerations when making a thank you page in your online store

1. Share the experience with other people:

A perfect thank you page should include, almost necessarily, social links or buttons so that the buyer can share their purchase with other people through their social networks. In this way, he will not only be advertising you, but he will also feel more comfortable with his purchase and therefore more comfortable with you as a supplier.

2. Make sure they follow you on your social networks:

In the same way as the aforementioned buttons, there is also the incorporation of these other buttons to follow you on your social networks, which aims to retain your customers satisfied with your product or service.

Of course, before adding these respective buttons, take into account both the web design of your platform and the type of online store you have, since this can tell you if it is more profitable to place one type of button or another or both inclusive. Analyze first!

3. Surveys on the thank you page:

As part of an online marketing strategy, you can use surveys at the end of purchase to gather information of interest to both you and your business. You can ask questions such as: What was it that convinced you to make your purchase here? Or what could we do to improve our services?

The key is to ask the right questions at the right time. What better than when a purchase has been completed? Of course, the survey in this case would be optional for those who want to share their experience.

4. Make the page visually attractive without going to extremes:

Again, the key is in the web design that you have at your disposal, having to make this page stand out a little more than the other windows without exaggerating.

Sometimes you just need to add a phrase like “Thank you very much for shopping here!” for the thank you page to work. However, sometimes it is necessary to go further and put a phrase that is more in line with your product style and specific store style.

You decide what to put on the thank you page, just make sure it is not missing:

  • A brief description of the purchased product.
  • An image of the purchased product.
  • A phrase to thank for the purchase made.

5. Continue browsing button:

Finally, something that cannot be missing on your thank you page is a button or link that allows the customer to stay on your platform, either to continue learning more about it or to buy many more products. Without this button, the chances of the customer coming back and buying again are low, which applies in the case of recommending your page to other acquaintances.