How to Make a Vision Board Online in minutes from the comfort of your home - no paper or craft supplies needed!

What if you could collect a bunch of images that represent your dream life, and then all of those things happened…in real life? You can! Just make a vision board and welcome your dreams with open arms. 

Vision boards are one of the most popular ways to manifest. They’re easy, fun, and definitely a personal favorite for me since I’ve now had multiple vision boards come true. For example, I’ve used vision boards to manifest love, move cross country to my dream city, and heal a back injury. But don’t take it from just me. A quick search on YouTube will yield a seemingly endless list of people sharing how their vision board came true. 

Vision boards are traditionally made with craft supplies and paper products, like poster boards, gluesticks, and magazine cut-outs. And whilst physical vision boards are great to display in your home, if you don’t have poster boards and/or old magazines laying around, you can still make vision board magic happen. Digitally. 

Digital vision boards are quick and easy to make. You can make a vision board online in a few minutes like this desktop wallpaper example.
Digital desktop wallpaper example created on Canva in just a couple minutes (using images from multiple photographers on Unsplash)

Yes, you can use your laptop (or pretty much any device) to create a digital vision board online from the comfort of your home. Here’s how:

1. Get Into a Positive Headspace

Manifestation is all about energy, so it’s good to get into a positive headspace before you begin. Make your favorite cozy beverage to sip on, light some candles, meditate, diffuse some essential oils. Enjoy this step and do whatever feels good to you.

This step also helps you tap into your intuition and operate from a high vibe state, which helps you successfully manifest with ease.

2. Choose Your Themes

Since a vision board is typically a visual representation of your overall dream life, it’s good to plan ahead which areas of life you’d like to focus on. 

Popular areas include:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Money, Success, and Career
  • Home
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Well-Being and Fitness
  • Food and Healthy Eating
  • Etc.

You’ll use this list throughout the next steps, so keep it handy.

2. Collect Your Images

With the focus areas you previously selected, look online for photos that resonate with you – things that catch your eye (and heart). This can be as simple as going to Google or Pinterest, searching for your focus areas, and noticing which images jump out at you. You can go as general or specific as you’d like here. Do you want to buy any house? Or a modern house? Or maybe a cottage-style house?

Gather more photos than you need, so you have plenty of options later. For ease of use, I recommend collecting all of these into a folder. 

You can also use your personal photos here. For example: maybe the last time you were in NYC, you took a photo of a hotel you’d like to visit on your next trip. Add that to your collection. 

Have fun here, and let yourself get excited about future possibilities.

3. Select Your Tool

In lieu of posterboard, you’ll still want a blank slate to create the base of your digital vision board. There are many options that have blank templates you can use.

Probably Already on Your Computer:

  • Microsoft Word: typically found on PC products
  • Pages: often comes with Apple products

Web-Based Options (mostly free): 

  • Canva: you’ll need an account, but you can do everything you need with the free account option
  • Google Slides: comes with Gmail accounts
  • PicMonkey: you’ll need an account, but there is a free trial
  • Photoshop: available as part of Adobe online services

Personally, I like Canva because it’s free and they have a bunch of pre-sized templates. More on this next.

4. Choose Your Template Size 

With paper vision boards, you can choose from poster board, scrapbook paper, and other (mostly) standard page sizes for your base. You’ll get all those, plus some you can’t do with paper when you make your vision board online. For example, many people choose to make digital vision boards that are a desktop or phone wallpaper. 

Here are some template options:

  • Desktop wallpaper
  • Phone wallpaper
  • Poster
  • Standard letter size (great if you want to print this on most printers later)

Open your favorite template so your base (blank template) is ready to go.

5. Put It All Together

Now we get to put everything together – this is the fun part!

To build your digital vision board:

  • Copy and paste (or drag and drop) images from your folder collection onto your blank template. Note: If you’re using Canva, you can even use their collection of photos.
  • Resize and reposition the images as you’d like. 
  • Let your personality shine here and unleash your inner artist.

You can also add non-photos to your vision board:

  • Add text – words, quotes, intentions, titles, salary goals, etc..
  • Add graphics/emojis. 

Feel free to spread your focus areas all around your digital vision board or collect your photos/graphics in groups.

Move everything around until you’re happy with the result. And that’s it! So easy!

6. Save, Download, or Print Your New Digital Vision Board

Lastly, save, download, or print your completed digital vision board, depending on what your set-up is. Put the final vision board graphic in your Photos “Favorites” folder for quick reference, set it as your desktop wallpaper, or print it and put it up in your home. Totally up to you and your available resources.

7. Use Your Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams

Whether you print your new vision board or set it as your desktop wallpaper, enjoy it! Vision boards are meant to help you visualize your dream life in a fun and positive way. So, be sure to look at it frequently, picture yourself living this amazing life you’ve created, and feel the positive emotions associated with it. 


Now that you’ve successfully created a vision board online, you can use it to manifest your dream life coming to your real life, one photo at a time.