01/6 How to make friends easily in a new place

Moving to a new place can be pretty scary and challenging and making new friends can seem like the most challenging task ever. And without a doubt, having friends who support and make you feel comfortable is necessary. Your life will be wholesome and colourful with friends beside you. And so, if you feel the blues of leaving your old friends behind, then we bring to you some tips on how to easily make friends when you move to a new place.

02/6 Take up apps

Just like dating apps, there are a number of online friendship platforms that help you to connect with like-minded people. You can meet one person or even a group of friends where you all can hang out together, making memories. And this actually works!

03/6 Co-workers to the rescue

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a beer with your co-workers or hang out in a restaurant after working hours. Despite the evident competition in the workplace, having a few coworkers as your friends can be a good choice to make friends easily. Plus, you almost end up spending more than half of your day with them in the office.

04/6 Visit local stores

List down some of your hobbies and visit stores that tend to them. For example, if you visit an art store, you can make small talk and ask about social groups with the same interest nearby. This helps you connect with people who have similar interests and venture into groups that’ll help you build on your hobbies.

05/6 Walk your dog

Your dog can be your best friend and also a super wingman when it comes to making friends with people. Take your dog for a walk in the dog park and this can serve as a great way to break the ice with other people who may or may not have a dog. Dog jokes are the best!

06/6 Mutual friends

You can always rely on your existing friends to find people with mutual interests. Ask your existing friends if there’s anyone in your area that could be your friend. And then set up a friend-date and enjoy the mutual connection!