Friends; how many of us have them? Making friends as an adult is a bit tricky. As children, we seem to be less judgmental of others and less critical of ourselves. Throughout life, we experience different scenarios that affect how we see and feel about ourselves. Nonetheless, it is still possible to make new friends.

Many things we aim to achieve in our lives requires some degree of confidence. So, it is beneficial to make sure you are emotionally and mentally in high standing before approaching new people. We can be our worst critics as times and scrutinize the small details. This knit-picking way of thinking can prevent us from making meaningful connections that we desire.

Improve on your confidence by practicing self love. Not many people will approach you if you are closed off to them. Some people unconsciously close themselves off due to insecurities and become unreceptive. Work on accepting yourself as you are and working to fix those insecurities if you can. For many people who struggle with skin problems, it isn’t something you can really hide. Dry patches on face, acne, and oily skin are common skin problems people deal with. However, you don’t have to live in fear of judgment.

Open Up

Whatever your insecurity, try not to focus too deeply on it. The more you focus on your insecurity, the more you draw attention to it. Usually, people hide aspects of themselves to avoid judgment from others. However, most people don’t even see your dis-ease until you consciously try to hide it. People will be open to you once you are open with them. It is okay to be vulnerable. It can actually be seen as a sign of genuineness which is essential for making friends. Honesty is one fundamental component of a successful friendship. You can even open up and share some insecurities you have. The response and feedback you receive can be used in helping you discern whether the person will be a good friend for you.

Play to Your Strengths

Push your strengths to the forefront. Social anxiety is more common than people think. Have you ever planned out what you would say to someone and forget once you are in front of the person? Anxiety can have that effect. Don’t try too hard to be someone else. Be yourself and speak on things that interest you. Others can tell when you are just trying to fill a conversation for the sake of not having awkward silence. When we choose to speak on what we are passionate about, people will feel your excitement and be engaged regardless.

Take a Different Route for Once

You might not meet friends in your neighborhood or at your local grocery store. You will have better luck attending workshops, classes, or social events around your area that correspond to activities you like. Let’s say you like to dance. Well, look for local contemporary classes in your area. Having commonalities with people is a great foundation to build a friendship. Some people want the amazing friendships, but are not ready to meet those people where they are. It may require you to leave your comfort zone, but it will be worth the new friendships you gain.

Get Closer with Familiar People

If you frequently go to a certain store, location, or event, then building connections with the people in that environment is an amazing way to make new friends. Perhaps you only stop to have a short, casual conversation with your local store clerk. You can be the one to take initiative and invite them to hangout. They might just invite you out to future events.

Making new friends can feel intimidating. As adults, we tend to worry about things like our offers being rejected. However, it is a part of the process in gaining new friends. You will meet some very interesting people when you are open and receptive to these opportunities.