Whilst the present is where we want to spend most of our time, we can’t help but reflect on the past and think about our future – we’re hardwired to do so.

Luckily, through our meditation practice we start to become more in tune with the nature of our minds. We can harness the power of visualisation through positive affirmations to help create the lives we want to live.

We are always visualising

Through the lens of love or fear, our minds are busy each day visualising our future, whether that be a minute or 10 years down the road. Through the lens of fear this is guided by anxiety, worry and indecisiveness. With love, we may be dreaming up visions of ourselves reaching our highest potential in this lifetime, visioning ways to express ourselves creatively and live our most vibrant existence.

When we become aware of the messages we are sending outwards and inwards with our minds, we can start to consciously participate in creating positive qualities for ourselves in the present.

Choosing your affirmation

Working with the affirmation you received with your Silatha gemstone is a great way to work in harmony with your personal desires and the essence of the stone, infusing your affirmation into your daily meditation.

As your intentions and desires naturally morph and change, you can create your own affirmations which reflect the kind of energy you want to bring into your life. When choosing your positive affirmation, it’s important to become very clear on what quality within yourself you want to bring out.

We have the potential for all qualities of the human experience within us, and the affirmations are sending a clear communication between heart (source of longing), mind (thought of affirmation) and body (vocal chords and breath). Together, they send this important message both outwards into the universe, while also vibrating within your being – harmonising the inner and outer worlds with one clear intention.

Creating your own affirmation

When creating your own affirmation, it’s important to understand that this quality is something that already resides inside you, and which you are calling out from within. First, visualise yourself with the positive quality you want to evoke from within. Feeling that you have this, that you are this quality, you can then construct your affirmation in the present tense.

Beginning your affirmation with the words “I am” is one way of honouring this as well as crystallising your affirmation in the present. So that what is within is also here, now. For example, if you want to work with patience, your affirmation might be: “I am patient, I rest in this moment”, or “All is happening in divine timing”, rather than “I will be more patient” which is placing your personal power in future, instead of the here and now.

Saying your affirmations

You can create your own ritual when working with your affirmations, or incorporate it into your daily Silatha meditation practice by saying your affirmations during the silent part of the practice. Another option is to say your affirmation aloud. Many of us feel a blockage in our throats which hinder us from speaking our truth or declaring our desires.

Breathe into your belly, and say your affirmation aloud, or sing it, from your heart and out to the universe. Next, you can whisper the affirmation, quietly as if it is a secret between you and the universe, or you and your highest self. Lastly, repeat the affirmation silently within, letting it vibrate throughout your being. Rest in the stillness and feel the vibration of this intention as a seed within your heart, expanding throughout your body and out into the universe. This is another form of meditation, using your affirmation as a mantra.

Keeping it close

You can write your affirmation on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere you will see it often, like your wallet (a nice place to keep an affirmation of abundance), your work desk, or creating an image with it to keep as the wallpaper on your phone. Infusing your affirmation with creativity is a great way to allow your spirit, your creative life force into the affirmation itself. Have fun and enjoy the process.