As the pandemic forced everyone to cancel their trips abroad, people opted to go camping and backpacking for their vacations. Just because you’re camping out in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you have to drink instant coffee. Portable coffee makers are straightforward to use and inexpensive. Making pour over coffee isn’t difficult, yet it provides you with a delicious cup every time! It’s also more cost-effective and sustainable to brew coffee than using single-serving packs.

What You’ll Need

It’s not that different to make a cup of pour over coffee while camping than when making it at home. You’ll need the basics: coffee grounds, a mug, a spoon, a coffee drip filter cone, and filter paper. You might not even need the filter paper, depending on the type of cone you use. Check out our stainless steel coffee filter, which is reusable and has flaps for easy use!

How to Brew Pour Over While Camping

You can brew pour over whether you choose to use a camping stove burner to boil the water or set the kettle over the fire. Open up your filter cone, place it over your coffee mug or pot, and add the correct quantity of coffee grounds (we recommend 30-40 grams).

One to two tablespoons are ideal for a single serving. It’s best to use 30 grams of coarse grounds for blends and 25 grams for single-origins per 350 grams of water. Make sure you tap the coffee filter to even out the surface of the grounds and avoid clumps.

Boil the water in a kettle, but remember to let it cool down slightly before pouring. When the water is ready, pour enough water over the grounds to saturate them, taking about 15 seconds. Don’t overfill the filter! You should let the coffee bloom and the water drip for about 30 seconds before continuing.

Pour overs take time and patience to make but reward you with a smooth and delicious cup of coffee. The temperature of the water, the amount, and the way you pour can all alter the complexity of the final flavours. For the first pour, start at the outer edge and work in a slow spiral towards the centre. The second one begins in the centre, moves out towards the edge, and then back in. It helps stir up the coffee and evenly extract all the grounds.

Once all the water has gone through the coffee filter, remove your cone and enjoy your drink! Cleaning up is just as hassle-free: pack up the used coffee grounds, rinse the filter out, and wipe it down. You’re now ready for tomorrow morning’s cup of joe!

The meditative process of brewing a cup of pour over coffee is perfect for a relaxed morning surrounded by wildlife.

Here at 2X Espresso, we focus on quality and comfortability so that you can travel without forgoing your morning rituals. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll have your pour over coffee while out camping!