As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, you must be sure that this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be as dull as the entire year itself. Well, 2020 has definitely been the worst year of most of our lives. Families have broken down or a few of them have lost their dear ones. Things are not going to turn back to be the same in the future as well. But there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, hence you have to keep moving forward.

Many people must have questioned themselves what they have to thank this year as it has not been a really good one, but if you see the bigger picture, you are alive and breathing today to read this article. It only means you have things you should be grateful for and celebrating the same with your immediate family. Yes, it is important to follow traditions, but when the year has been full of surprises, why not skip traditions this year and celebrate in a new manner? Here are a few interesting things you can do this year to make your Thanksgiving memorable.

1. Go on a Family Trip:

Yes, you read the above right. While the world has come to a halt to follow social distancing, we are suggesting that you go off on a small trip to a few destinations around the world where U.S. citizens can travel without having to quarantine. You can reach out to Voyagers Travel to plan out such fun trips for you on the occasion of Thanksgiving and throughout the year. 

2. Virtually Dine Together:

This needs no explanation as we are sure you must have hosted and attended several virtual parties this year. Why not do the same for Thanksgiving? Eat Thanksgiving dinner together virtually and enjoy conversations like you do every year. Honestly, the fun you will have meeting your family and friends online is going to be as memorable as every year.

3. Go for a Smaller Bird:

As you will be cooking for only a handful of people, instead of buying an entire turkey, stick to a small bird such as chicken. It is easy to cook and also you will not be wasting food.

4. Host a Potluck:

If you plan on inviting a few neighbors, why not do a Potluck dinner rather than cooking the entire meal on your own? This way you do not have to slave the entire day in the kitchen, and you also get to eat a variety of dishes to celebrate Thanksgiving.

5. Order Dinner from a Local Business:

Cooking for the Thanksgiving meal might be something you enjoy every year, but why not do something different this time? We all know that how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected local businesses. Why not show gratitude by ordering food from such a business? This will also take away the cooking stress, which is a win-win.

It is always easy to see the negatives, but never forget to closely observe the silver lining. Thanksgiving also indicates that Christmas is around the corner and nothing could lift your mood more than the sound of Jingle bells!!!


  • Nataliya Stefanus is a lifestyle Enthusiast and a passionate lifestyle blogger. She's a fan of good food at local restaurants. She enjoys playing bollywall on the beach, reading and spending time with her friends.