March is already here and you may feel you were probably a little too ambitious when creating your goals for 2020. To help you identify and reach the goals your soul aspires to accomplish this year, consider each of the steps below to know the one you are missing out on.

1. Gain More Clarity of Vision (Nathalie Virem)

Take the time to find and practice different tools that can help you clarify your purpose. While most people think clarity of vision is the hardest part of the journey, living with honor, courage, and integrity that life purpose is actually going to be the most challenging part. Seeing your life purpose clearly is a process and takes time. It can only be accessed through your soul. Therefore, your clarity is going to be dependent on your desire, dedication, and openness. Guided visualizations and meditations can be of tremendous help.

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Gain More Clarity Of Vision (Nathalie Virem)

2. Create a Roadmap Strategy for your Goals and Analyze the Data. (Lizet Zayas)

A practical approach would be to create a roadmap strategy for the year and break it into quarters. Making a list of what results are important and how these will be attained make our goals more achievable. If we analyze the data, it gives a clear picture of where we are, whether we are succeeding or not, as well as the changes we need to make. This also helps us to be kind to ourselves because we will have a more logical structure with which we can correct a situation without wasting the whole year.

3. Develop a Feeling of Pure, and Vibrant Trust (Nathalie Virem)

To trust and have faith in your goals, you must work on detaching yourself from your ego and mind. Simply put, trust means believing in something bigger than yourself (God, the Universe or however you choose to call it). It is a feeling that a higher force is working on your desires and best interest, including that of other people. You must work in harmony with this guiding force as co-creators. In addition, breathing, meditations, mantras, affirmations, gratitude, and prayers can help to some extent.

4. Connect with Amazing People Who are More Experienced and Wiser than You (Lizet Zayas)

Even the most successful people still rely on more experienced people and ask for help. When people refuse to seek help, they are not open to receiving any and tend to get into more troubles. And when the failure continues for a long period of time, it damages our personal confidence, not to mention the waste of time and money. However, the experience of others will help you create greatness and growth in yourself.

5. Develop a Capacity to Overcome Fears, and Doubts (Nathalie Virem)

Take time to identify and dissolve your fears. This meditation will be of great help.

To identify your fears

  • Stand straight, with your heart open, your shoulders back, and close your eyes and breathe: inhale, and hold and exhale for a few seconds a few times until you feel relaxed
  • To connect with your soul, put your right hand over your heart
  • Connect with your heart and ask what fears you hold until you identify them. You will notice that a few things come to mind immediately. Some might be very obvious to you, while some may require a closer look.

To overcome your fears

  • Identify in your heart where that fear energy is located and imagine extracting the fear outside your body and holding it in your hand.
  • Ask that energy what it needs to be healed and just listen.
  • Feel the energy heal as you envision yourself doing what that energy just asked you to do in the previous step to be healed
  • Bring this cleansed and healed energy back into your soul.
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Develop a Capacity to Overcome Fears, and Doubts (Nathalie Virem)

It’s All About Consistency.

No matter where you currently stand on your yearly goals, it is never too late to get back on track. Review the above steps and learn to enjoy the process of self-discovery, self-transformation, and unconditional love. It will help you with your goals and also positively influence the world at large. And who doesn’t want that?

Here to an amazing 2020!


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