There are several layers of The Law of Attraction, today though let me bring your attention to the impact of what we mentally consume , which begins to attract similar situations, a sub-conscious rule book as well our resting state of mind.

If I asked you right now, to pause reading this article and go to your You Tube app, you will notice a distinctive trend in what appears in the feed.

This is clearly based on what you would have “Consumed” before.

As simple as that, the Universe as well as LOA ( Law of Attraction) presents to us situations & people that are a result of choices we’ve made in the past.

Like most of us would agree that if we wanted to reduce weight, we would watch what we physically consumed.

Like-wise, the mental being is made up of what we consume. 

It could be through a book, movies, series, hoardings & most definitely the conversations we hold.

How we respond to a motivational speech, or a movement or the inspiration drawn from a moving biopic is all the result of the Mental Being stimulation.

The awareness to how it works can clearly change the “Diet” we consume

Here are my 5 tips to follow that will shift your mind-set, create a better resting state of mind & consciously bring better interactions in your life:1. Make a check- list of the information, entertainment, music & conversations you have.a. We are products of habit, & unless and until we do not consciously identify our habits, we can’t really bring about any change.2. Replace your mental consumption with “Healthy options”a. Eg, what’s the kind of conversation, information you read as you wake up?b. If you travel to work, what is the music, book you are reading – You cannot attract Peace in your life if you keep reading & watching Dramac. Follow the steps of those who are already living aspects of what you like to attract, if you desire a muscular body, whose Instagram would you follow? 3. Observe & tune into your Inner Dialoguea. That voice within us, is steering a lot in our lives, check & adjust it when required4. Take some free “Me” timea. This is the time the inner voice has an option to speak back to you , spend some time alone without music, television & conversation to listen to what happening in your inner world5. Lastly, Direct your attention to your North Stara. Take prints, or screen shots & place them in a place that you will see every single day, This serves as a mental reminder to where energy needs to be invested 6. Bonus tip- Meditate, a guided one, a silence one, a chanting, anything to get you started.

Once these conscious actions are applied you most certainly will see a difference to what manifests in your life.

Until the next time

Love & light,