Commutes are so boring.

The average commute in the UK is now two hours.

What a waste of time.

Or is it?

You don’t need to let those two hours go to waste.

You can achieve a lot in two hours.

And since you’re not on the clock, it doesn’t have to be for work…

Commutes are the perfect time to work on a personal goal or side project.

Think about it: you’re stuck in an enclosed space for a prolonged period of time. You could use that time to stare out of the window, or you could embrace that time and use it productively instead.

Much of my latest book was edited on my commute, for example.

I often draft blog posts on my phone while commuting, too.

Commutes are the perfect time to work on a personal goal.

Some of my friends like to use their travel time to knit or sew. This is awkward if you’re clumsy like me, but if you like to keep your hands and mind busy it’s worth trying. Someone I used to work with knitted his girlfriend’s birthday present on his daily commute.

Public transport is also the perfect place to sit and read. I’ve read more books than ever this year, and much of that is down to the hour I spend on the tram each day.

An enclosed space with minimal distractions (aside from the inevitable loud, animated talker a few seats away), is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and unwind after a long day. You could also use it to get you in the mood for work, by reading books related to your job.

Even if you drive into work, the time doesn’t have to go to waste.

Instead of listening to the radio, you could put on a podcast related to your favourite hobby or interest.

If you’re a writer, you could make playlists related to your work in progress to listen to on your way home. That way, you’re already in the mindset of your characters when you get home and sit down to write.

Whatever your day job is, your commute doesn’t have to go to waste. Done right, you can use it to be happier, more productive, and work on your side projects. 

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