In preparing for this Amplifiers immersion, we look at profound and practical questions. The aim is to make better, more considered decisions.

Here is one that seems simple, and yet spurs deeper thought:

How much is enough?

Listening to an interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast with Mr Money Mustache, I was reminded how powerful this question is. His core decision-making filter for spending is: ‘Does it make me happy? Does it bring me more fun?’ He also filters this through the lens of sustainability: ‘how much will this cost me, others, or the planet in consuming this thing?’

We have an ethos of MORE and GROWTH in the Western world. All media reports assess progress against the metric of ‘more’. It’s an insatiable appetite when it has no limit, but is an end in itself.

As I look in my closet at my clothes, I am thinking that ‘less’ might be better. Fewer choices. Only wear things I absolutely love. More spaciousness and freedom.

When it comes to money and results, do you know how much is enough and why? Enough to feel happy? Enough to feel comfortable? Enough to enable you to have some fun adventures?

Knowing our ‘enough’ level is a useful safe water mark.

What questions do you use to make better decisions?


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