It is no secret that the number of harassment cases on women has been rising. From shocking revelations to some of the top founders under scrutiny.

Unfortunately, the harassments have been going since a long time, the only difference is that women are coming out with outrage during these times.

Being a leader, one of the main concern one must follow is to make sure female colleagues feel safe and create a rich working environment.

Here are the few ways to make work-space safe for women:

1) Internal Committee:

Setting a Strong Internal Committee is necessary. The board of committee must be empowered to take strong immediate actions without waiting for any other higher authority to intervene. It must be easily approachable by employees without any fuss and must protect the privacy of the employee. Every detail must be noted and must be documented in order to prevent it from happening again. Documented events must be used to improvise the rules and policy of the organization.

You can likewise select volunteers to make the procedure simple and convenient.

2) Transparency:

Open workspaces can be a great alternative where there are many individuals around and these activities can be avoided.

On the off chance, Surveillance must be placed in order to have an eye on the activities of employees. Should emphasize HR department to keep a check on the functioning of the company and must take criticism reports from representatives continually.

In the event that any unordinary activities are referred to, the Internal Committee can take appropriate action.

3) Awareness:

It is vital to make employees aware of the organization policies and culture. At times workers may lead certain actions unconsciously that might be considered unethical by the policies. By making them mindful, it ensures that they don’t go too far with wrong conduct.

Interactive discussions are a decent approach to make them mindful. Inviting influencers or speakers can have an everlasting impact.

Male employees must be made mindful of how they need to carry on with their female partners.

4) Strict Policies:

By setting strict policies and guidelines will hold the harassment under check.

Equal distribution numbers of both men and women would add stability to the working environment and make women feel less vulnerable.

The policies must be made with the end goal that even amid the absence of higher authority, employees can take necessary action.

Strong actions must be made for them who are guilty like terminating, and so forth and the issue must be routed to everybody in order to make them mindful.

5) Extra Mile:

At times, Urge employees to take part in drills such as self-defense where they can safeguard themselves.

Make them practice on how to act during a crisis and teach them the art of crisis management.Aversion is superior to cure.

Support ladies groups inside the workspace so they are united together and can share each other’s issues. The yearly get-together would be extraordinary to make a family oriented culture.

Here Entrepreneur Sparsha Reddy has shared her opinion on the following issue, “A lot of companies do have good policies to support their women employees but it is also important that the employees are clearly aware of them.Awareness will help them know how to react and when to act.Reaching out to the right people at the right time will solve the problem quickly.Women should also understand that such harassment cases can only be avoided when they come out and ask for help, which a lot of modern women are doing right now.”