Cats are famous for their indifference even to their owners. A cat needs someone who understands and keeps it away from terrifying objects or disturbances. A happy cat is a healthy pet and thus a lively home.

People assume that cats have a special attachment to ladies and babies in the house. What we do not know is we need to give back the joy these animals bring into our lives. Cats behave like humans given the wide range of emotions that they seem to have, yes cats go through depression, boredom, and loneliness.

A responsible pet parent should know that the trick to having a happy feline at home is by using the right approach to make them happy.

Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

The same way the home environment work for you. Cats need furniture or obstacles that provide some challenges to keep the cat active throughout the day. You want a cat that jumps over seats and tables because they enjoy the home environment as well.

A busy cat will have no time for behavioral problems such as boredom or stress. Make sure that the house or compound has lots of jumping, climbing, scratching, sleeping, and stretching spaces.

Entertain Your Cat

Entertain the cat by purchasing a cat toys that promote adventure and help them exercise the hunting instincts. Toys that cat love playing with such as wand and catnip toys should be part of your entertainment retinue.

Take your time and let the cat know that you can play. For example, pick a laser pointer or a Ping-Pong ball for the cat to chase. Your indoor playground should have facilities that enable the cat to jump, play, and climb.

Give it a safe Outdoor Access

A cat may be happy under your rules. Avoid the many meows a cat makes when it cannot find its way out because it does not have a safe outdoor access. Cats need to explore the environment and learn new scents and randomly choose where to rest at will.

Your cat will be grateful if it has the liberty to come and go. To guarantee its safety ensure that your yard has a good fence or let it walk freely around a screened-porch.

Cats Must Scratch

Scratching is a natural instinct that works simultaneously when stretching. Failure to offer your cat somewhere to sharpen its claws you should be ready to replace your cushions regularly. Get both horizontal and vertical scratching posts and place them somewhere in the yard for them to sharpen their instincts.

Litter Box Should be in the Right Place

Cats are very clean animals and they will be happy to find their litter box in a strategic location. Keep the box in a private area of the room or yard where no one sees them. If you must put the litter box in the living room, isolate the location using a curtain.

Cats Eat Grass as Well

It is a natural instinct for felines to eat grass. If you live in a locality with no grass, why not grow some so that the cat can nibble. Grass enhances the feline’s health and in some instances cat may go out looking for something to nibble.

You need to get into the cat’s point of view to understand why everything you do for the cat comes back to you. Therefore, make the cats happy and you will always share that happiness with them.