Perform Activities with Children

Routine and busy parents during work sometimes makes the relationship between parents and children far away, this is an opportunity for families to do joint activities, for example eating together, worshiping together, and many more activities that have been difficult for us to do, especially for them in urban areas where parents must leave early in the morning, go home late at night

Are You Ready to Become a “Teacher” at Home?

By studying at home, parents must also be prepared to play a role as substitute teachers for their children at home. “In addition, parents must also prepare facilities to be able to go online smoothly to support learning activities at home,

Parents are also expected to create a pleasant learning atmosphere, so that children do not feel bored, but feel happy and feel at home to study alone accompanied by their mother or father.

Expand Parenting Knowledge During Pandemic

An equally important tip shared by Unicef ​​is that parents must also expand access to parenting knowledge during the pandemic parenting can be quite tiring for parents because they also have to accompany their children and be ready to use gadgets and the internet Of course it can be stressful, especially if nothing helps. Who can help us as parents in the present?

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