It is true that Lazada has already established its name in the online selling industry.  It is probably also true that the lazada voucher, as an off-shoot of the Lazada phenomenon, has also entrenched itself in the world of online consumers.  That should make you happy as a Lazada partner with your own share online sales and lazada voucher. And it should.  But not too happy that you would stop thinking of ways to make your online products sell more and make more customers use the lazada voucher more frequently.

The world of selling will keep on evolving and you should evolve with it if you want to be in the race and at the top of your game. 

Staying in the Selling Race

The problem with the competitive race called online selling is that more and more players are getting into the race.  It is hard enough to compete with the current players.  Competing with new players is a totally different ball game.  Hence, unless you put more value to your online products, your online services, your discount coupons and your lazada voucher, all the other retail racers will kick you out of the game.

Your products, your lazada voucher will go a long way if you think of ways to make your current and potential customers see and experience the value that comes with what you offer them. How can you make your products more valuable?

  • Make your lazada voucher hard to resist – Customers will find it hard to resist a product or a lazada voucher that they need.  They can say no to what they want but how can they say no to a product or a lazada voucher that is crucial, that is priority?  Hence, to make your products and lazada voucher irresistible to your consumers, you need to know what they need and give it to them?  Do they need discounts or freebies?  Is cash what they need at the moment? What other products do you have that can be offered as part of the lazada voucher?   Find out what they need and give it to them.  That is point one of staying in the race.
  • Make your customers feel special with your lazada voucher – Everyone wants to feel extra special. A lazada voucher, personalized with the name and address of your customers, can make a lot of difference.  As they increase the volume of their purchases, move them up the ladder of customer classification, with the aim of making them VIP customers who gets entitled to VIP lazada voucher with special privileges.
  • Lock your lazada voucher with other valuable products and coupons – Competition is stiff and the race is tough.  To stay in the race, you must always strive to be several steps ahead of your competition.  Don’t let your customers stray to the other fence.  Always think of something, something better to go with your lazada voucher. Upselling is an excellent way to stay in the race.

Make Your Lazada Voucher Visible

You may have the best and most valuable product and lazada voucher but if people do not know they exist, what is the point?  People need to know that something good and valuable is out there. And it is your responsibility to let them know that you have what they need in your online products that come with the lazada voucher.

Lazada will always have that system that markets the product of their partners.  However, that should not stop you from thinking of your own marketing strategy to sell your own product and your own lazada voucher.