This continues from ‘Realization 6: Self-Inquiry’ in the post, ‘The Art of Expressing the Void.’

When a person sees a higher potential for themselves then what they are living, and see what prevents them from living it, there is a choice to write a personal manual to assist with the actualization.

When an individual chooses to participate in their own evolution, that is, the betterment of their whole person, there is no more effective means than to infuse the personality with higher intelligence.

In this case, ‘higher’ refers to intelligence which has a more complete perspective and, on the spectrum of consciousness, is a more complete frequency. This intelligence carries the loftiest and most refined qualities such as non-specific (unconditional) love, compassion, empathy and wisdom.

Committing to the transforming process of infusing the personality with higher intelligence is the single greatest contribution one can make towards themselves, humanity and the earth.

The ‘how to’ of this manual making is an individual path of closely examining one’s ideals, shadows and the most effective tools for mastering the challenges while maintaining a steadfast presence.

Since each person is uniquely individual, with their own variations of the higher potential and hindrances they see, there can be no system that adequately customizes personal manuals. Matching a person to one of seven rays (as in the esoteric tradition) may hone in on certain unique characteristics, but I have found that going within is always more self-empowered than relying on any ready-made teaching or tradition.

So I write this not as a pattern for others to follow, but as an example of what has worked for me. Those who are pioneering can refer to it for their own inward journey and personal manual making. The manual is never finished, as it is continually revised with new realizations.


The steps for personal manual making can be like this:

The Ideal
1) Determine the finer points of higher potential for yourself, the characteristics or attributes which you choose to actualize.

2) Identify the hindrances to the actualization of that higher potential, that is, the challenges to be mastered, the shadows to be illuminated and the gross aspects to be refined and transformed. This requires total self honesty to be effective.

Daily Practice
3) Reflect on what has brought out your higher potential in moments and what events have triggered the issues you see as hindrances. What strengthens you towards your ideal and towards mastering your challenges?

It is suggested that before beginning, you read ‘The Art of Expressing the Void‘ and answer all the questions you can which are contained within the six realizations.

‘The Art of Expressing the Void’ diagram is part of the process of personal manual making.

  • In the diagram, to which terms do you relate and to which do you not?
  • What alternative words or terms would you use?
  • Do you relate to ‘spectrum of consciousness’, ‘higher intelligence’, and ‘infuse personality with soul?’

Find the words, terms and concepts with which you feel comfortable, or which do not over-stretch your comfort zone.

  • If you have an ideal self, what are its characteristics?
  • If you recognize hindrances to living your ideal self, what are they?
  • What do you practice every day which you feel helps you towards your ideal self?
  • What tools have you developed for meeting specific challenges as they arise, such as known triggers?

It is enough for me to know that I choose to infuse my personality with higher intelligence and that the non-specific Void is the highest intelligence. 

​Some may relate more to infusing the personality with the soul. The online course, ‘The Art of Becoming the Soul’ presents a solid foundation with exercises based on the ageless wisdom (esoteric tradition.) That works for many, and Soul Bridging offers three preview videos full of rich insights, free of charge.


This is provided as an example to help you with writing or making your own manual. It does not have to be written out, but writing will clarify and solidify it for you and give you something to refer to when infusing your personality with higher intelligence seems far away.

The ‘manual’ does not have to be long, it may be one to a few pages. It will be most effective when each question is answered as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Since the manual is never finished, questions can be re-visited and answered in more depth as the path progresses.

1) What are the attributes of my ideal self or highest potential?

The Ideal
When living the highest potential imagined, my personality is infused with the consciousness of the non-specific Void and I am manifesting the ‘highest’ qualities of consciousness possible in human experience such as:


2) What are the issues, challenges or shadows which have hindered me from living my highest potential?

The characteristics or shadows which hinder me from living my ideal include:

The inner critic
Reactivity – edginess
Having aversions and shutting people out
Self interest
Wanting more, wanting what I don’t have

3) What tools have been effective towards helping me living my ideal?

Daily Practice
The most effective means I have found to master the shadows include The 9 Elements of Empowerment and shifting my awareness and energies (mental, emotional and physical) to non-specificity. I have also found that when my mind-body is tense, bouncing on the re-bounder and chanting help greatly to loosen me up, and that improves my overall state of well-being.

The 9 Elements of Empowerment​

  • Breathing
  • Relaxing
  • Letting Go
  • Being Grateful
  • Straightening Spine
  • Centering in Heart
  • Asking and Listening Within
  • Giving and Receiving Freely
  • Feeling Being


1) The Void is not empty. It is non-specific.

2) Void consciousness is the highest intelligence because it has the most complete perspective.

3) The Void is ‘the substance of space’ and all-pervasive.

4) The Void is blocked from human awareness by the personality, which functions in specificity.

5) Infusing the personality with higher intelligence sparks it to unfold into its full potential.

6) The soul is higher in intelligence than the personality (which is conditioned to specificity,) and lower than the Void. Higher and lower refer to the completeness of perspective.

7) Infusing the personality with the soul also raises the frequency of the body-mind.

8) For those who cannot yet bridge to the Void, living from the soul is a ‘first step.’

9) In addition to having a daily practice and tools to work with shadows, one who is ‘on the path’ can communicate with the consciousness of higher intelligence and ‘call’ it into the body-mind.

10) The tangible effect of this inner work is seeing less of the shadows and more of the ideal self in one’s daily life.

​11) Committing to the transforming process of infusing the personality with higher intelligence is the single greatest contribution one can make towards themselves, humanity and the earth.

The 7th realization is about making one’s own personal manual. Please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions. I am here to help.

The silent screen capture video below is meant to be felt more than read. It scrolls down two pages from the Whole Human site, ‘The Art of Expressing the Void,’ and ‘How to Make Your Personal Manual,’ with a spotlight down the middle. It gives an overview of the sense of the pages, not by reading all the text but by scanning it into one’s own energy field for another kind of processing.

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