You are probably asking questions about your student visas if you’re a foreign student in a country on lockout or motion control orders.

It is an unpredictable world and the press is shifting continuously. While our recommendation is always first and foremost to contact the university and foreign student office, any important details regarding the visas could be lacking.

Of starters, the USA relaxes visa restrictions, so that it can study online, since previous laws suggest that it can take only one online course every six months.

International students in Australia who can normally only work up to 40 hours every two weeks should work longer hours to help with financial situation.

Below are queries and responses to top issues about the impacts that the Coronavirus Epidemic has on their study visas, most foreign students already have. That’s good, we think!

What about expiring your student visa after lockout, or returning home?

Migration agencies work to help foreign students with anxiety because their visas expire shortly. If you need clarifying, notify them.

In Nz, students with set to expire student visas may file on a scenario-by-case basis for extensions.

The easiest way to stop flying at this stage is in most countries facing the second and third waves of the epidemic. But if your visa expires and you leave or are evacuated, call the embassy and see what you are to do.

What if visas are pending for students?

Have you gone to a college abroad, but still await your student visa application? To order to find out about new immigration procedures and processes, it’s best to contact embassies and consulates – for example, if visa interviews and permits are delayed or visas are suspended.

It is usually advised that students applying for the OPT do not leave until acceptance, so what if they are not granted the option?

It appears like these questions have not yet been resolved explicitly, because countries remain in limbo. Some are enforcing transportation bans and school suspensions, although some also have to do so.

It is safest, however, to stay tightly and to brace for the likelihood that approvals may be postponed due to the pandemic of those who have pending application for work visas after the report.

During this processing you may require to acquire passport photos to enhance your applications.  For a new passport or replacement, passport images are necessary and must have certain requirements. The size specifications should be 2 in x 2 in, white background, color, paper prints, and less than six months of age. So, the first thing I think of is where I can get a photo of a passport or the cheapest passport photo.

Leave yourself to the idea that you are seeking to “flatten the curve” and achieve happiness, would definitely reinforce the mind to battle the overwhelming condition of the entire globe.


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