We know that there is nothing more constant than change. It is a natural part of life. Whether it’s a breakup, a health crisis, a new career, a move or one of the many other curveballs that life tends to throw at us, it is inevitable that some sort of change will come your way. As such, change is not always welcome or easy to deal with. Sure, many times change can be necessary and frequently chosen, but even when change is positive it still requires an adaptation phase that can often be difficult.

Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, positive or negative, big or small, these changes have a tendency to disrupt our routine and many times send us spiraling. While much of change is beyond our control, how we choose to handle it is within our control. To deal with change successfully, you have to decide what meaning you give to the process. How do you not let change wreak havoc in your world?

Here are 6 tips to effectively manage change:

Let go of the old and welcome the new

Agreeably let go of what was to make room for what is and will be. Learn to accept things for what they are and for what they’re not. While this may be a challenge at first, welcome all of the things that you experience, including your struggles, doubts, fears and insecurities. This will help you to emerge stronger, wiser and more experienced than ever, while also making you more resilient to future changes that may come (and it will).

Stay positive

If you’ve chosen to make a change in your favor, then you’ll probably feel a bit more in control of the situation. However, if the change is occurring without your approval, it’s often easy to take a negative approach on life. Instead, when change happens react by becoming excited and inspired, rather than feeling threatened or immobilized. Maintaining a positive mindset during the change cycle will empower you to better handle all of the unpredictably that comes along with it.

Take action

Along with staying positive, take an active approach to coping with change. Develop a plan, with attainable goals, to proactively address unwanted developments. It’s also always okay to seek advice and help from others. You don’t ever have to go through change alone. Remember that we all experience it, making us all experts in our own unique way. You may be surprised at the knowledge your co-worker, neighbor or complete stranger may have on the situation.

Protect your health

When you attempt to handle change in your life, taking care of yourself is often neglected. However, it’s important not to disregard even your most basic of needs. This includes making sure that you’re getting enough sleep and exercise, eating right and staying hydrated. This will keep your energy levels up and allow you to carry on through difficult or stressful times. There’s no point in going through a life altering change just to come out on the other side exhausted and run down. So, make sure that you continue to prioritize your health, both mental and physical, while you set out on your new course.

Utilize stress reduction techniques

This goes hand in hand with protecting your health. If you’re dealing with uncertainty, you’re probably putting your body under some amount of stress, even if it’s not at the forefront of your thoughts. Improving your ability to handle stress will go a long way towards helping you deal with change and transition, as well as maintaining your overall wellbeing. You can do so by incorporating stress reduction techniques into your daily routine. Meditation, exercise or journaling are all great practices with proven success.

Expect change

As discussed, change will always be just around the corner. Don’t expect to be able to change this fact. Life can be viewed as a succession of chapters. Learn to enjoy the journey and view changes in each chapter as an opportunity for self-improvement and growth. There’s no need to live in fear of change. Remember to remind yourself that change is natural, and that in the grand scheme of things change is neither good nor bad. However, it can either feel good or feel bad, it all depends on your perspective.

There are two choices here. The uncertainty of life can keep you up at night, or it can motivate you to form acceptance and embrace the adventure of what we call living. Which will you choose?

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