01/6 Financial disputes can pose a threat to your marriage

Even the strongest couples fight at times, one of the main reasons being ‘money.’ Dealing with finances in a responsible and organised way can be really difficult, not to mention the endless fights with your spouse over overspending or their miser-habits. These arguments can be very disruptive as they may unknowingly drift you and your spouse apart. Hence, we bring to you some ways in which you can manage your financial disagreements with your partner.

02/6 Prioritise

Before you and your spouse fight over finances, learn to prioritise the important aspects first, such as existing debts, insurance, retirement plans etc. Focus on sorting these out and then think about miscellaneous expenditure because these aspects are much more important to maintain the security in the marriage.

03/6 Communication

Openly talk about your finances with your spouse because unless you are transparent with what your expectations about money are, your partner will remain in the dark. Spending money without telling your partner means you do not care or trust them enough to let you know what you are interested in.

04/6 Strategy

Devise a perfect budget or strategy to spend or save your money. Without a proper budget framework, it can get quite confusing. Abiding by this strategy can help you both to split your expenses in an organised manner, without any misunderstandings or miscalculations.

05/6 Take out time

Don’t just start the conversation about budgets and finances anytime. Schedule a proper time with your spouse i.e a time when you both are completely free and have a calm state of mind. Discussions about finances can often lead to fights so it’s necessary to have enough time on your hands to sort it all out.

06/6 Compromises

Don’t be too stuck-up with your ideologies. Learn to put your foot down if your spouse feels their ideas aren’t heard enough. You should compromise at least some bits because while dealing with finances, your partner should have equal say in the marriage. It’s all about balance.